May 24th, 2007


The Entertainer

This was a very good play, obviously a classic of the British stage in the same way A Streetcar Named Desire is a classic of the American stage. Yeah, there was some stuff I didn't get about it (the "class" stuff is always very confusing to me), but a story in which nice bland people drink and then suddenly get incredibly vicious with each other ... well, that has a reality to it that transcends continents. The acting was generally good (Phoebe was kind of heavy, "the daughter" just didn't have a lot to her role), but I thought it was interesting that even though there were two intermissions, I did not lose my interest in the characters and what was happening them. Yes, maybe Dad was just a big fat symbol for post war England, looking out with his empty eyes on the vacant faces of the audience, with "no love for anything, not even myself, behind my eyes," but he was also a very interesting character that seemed to have very real motivations behind his (self-serving) actions.
Sea dragon

The Songstress has landed

Okay, I just got a call from my sister, who somehow wound up in Notting Hill Gate instead of Putney Bridge. Fortunately, a District line train came by and she's now on her way here and I'm off to get her.

FYI great time last night with rosamicula - makes me feel like I'll never go back because I can't imagine myself getting tired of London - in the words of Samuel Johnson, until I've grown tired of life.