June 4th, 2007

Sea dragon

Glorious Monday. (Come on, work with me!)

I'm a bit tired - couldn't sleep last night and resorted to melatonin at around midnight. I'm planning on leaving work early three days in a row - wish 5:15 didn't seem like early, dammit!

I made a little progress on the cleaning last night - got the winter clothes stuffed under the bed in a bag, emptied the clean laundry bin that's been waiting for over a month. At this rate you might be able to see the floor in the bedroom by Saturday evening, which will still seem like a miracle.

The trip to see art was a bit of a bust, at least at the Great Eastern hotel, where the exhibit had closed on Friday! (The Metro got it wrong, which almost made keeping the article pointless.) I was re-reading about the "stories written on blankets one page at a time" and getting sad about what we'd missed. We did see what was left, but it was just drips and drops. Alas.

On the other hand, the sound art exhibit at Kinetica was AWESOME. All of the art was interactive ("Put on a wristband, then touch someone else who's wearing a wristband") and I got to play a theramin! They're having a talk on Wednesday with Martyn Ware (described on the site as "80s pop icon as co-founder of Heaven 17 and The Human League") introducing the artists. shadowdaddy is going to that if anyone wants to go with him, but I have to go to a tech talk that night. We never even got to the upstairs gallery; we must go back!

Home and we had a wechsler over for dinner, which was an Italian feast of prosciutto and melon/bread salad/tagliatelli with butter and parmesan/some vegetables. This was followed by more wine and a game of Euchre. All in all, it was a good day and a great evening.
reading is fun-damental

I haven't been posting about Proust!

Right, so, I'm making some progress with Proust v. 3 ("The Guermantes Way"), though it's also suffering from being a big heavy book (597 pages) and thus gets displaced by The Battle of Evernight, Incompetence, and Death Masks (of the Dresden Files series) when I'm looking for "light" reading (rather than carrying two books all of the time). I'm only on page 74, which seems to be just a drop in the bucket. It's still gorgeous reading, though (per page 64, where he's discussing how his servant would be sweet and mild to his face, then slander him to the rest of the staff):

"And thus it was she who first gave me the idea that people do not, as I had imagined, present themselves to us clearly and in fixity with their merits, their plans, their intentions in regard to ourselves [...] but as a shadow we can never penetrate, of which there can be no direct knowledge, about which we form countless beliefs based upon words and even actions, neither of which give us more than insufficient and in fact contradictory information, a shadow which we can alternately imagine, with equal justification, as masking the burning flame of hatred and love."

Hmm, shadowdaddy took a picture of me with a book that was a foot deep to use as a Proust icon ... I should ask him to get that uploaded!
Sea dragon

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I went to Pilates for the first time in a month, and I am SORE SORE SORE! This is, fortunately, in all of the right ways, but my upper arms, inner thighs, and abdomen are all feeling it. I was clearly overdue for some exercise!

The day at work seemed a complete waste. I read over my employees' work, helped shuffle some things through the bureaucratic gauntlet, and had a meeting or two, one of which was with one of our partner companies (the one where when I saw their reps at a conference I wanted to go yell at them, "You ruined my Christmas, you miserable f**ks!"). It was all forgettable and I was overjoyed I could leave early enough to go beat up my various muscle groups.

Tonight ... well, I made salad with roast duck on top (duck courtesy of Inn Noodle), then we dinked on the computers and did some stuff to see about getting our cat here next month and having some clothes waiting for us at shadowdaddy's aunt's house. I drank cider and stared out the window and spaced out while the red dye on my hair dried. It wasn't very exciting, but it was relaxing, and I think now I'm just about due for a shower. Night, folks!