June 5th, 2007


As the weather improves, my incentive to work decreases

I spent some of my lunch sitting outside, eating my Moroccan chicken/couscous leftovers (I'd had it in the freezer) and alternating reading really boring emails with reading Incompetence and doing a little cross stitch. I've been sticking with the cross stitch, but I'm not getting as much done as I used to. Truth be told, I've never finished a single project; the bookmarks are still just bookmark fronts, the sachets hold nothing, the quilt blocks are merely blocky. I've been lent an iron so with a bit of dedication I might actually get some of these damned things wrapped up, but truth be told I'd be better off looking for my driver's license. What can I say, the cross stitch is relaxing, and I don't really do it to save myself money on Christmas presents, I do it because the sewing is fun.


Work is boring, and I still don't have a cell phone contract. I'm leaving early today (again) to see a viola da gamba concert (Fretwork) at Wilton's Music Hall. It's weird sometimes realizing what totally obscure interests I have. Why can't I just like Buffy and Firefly like the rest of my friends? Instead I have to trek across town to see shit that no one else seemingly really cares about, well, except maybe Jim Jarmusch, and how many people watch his movies, anyway? Maybe I'm just a cultural burnout, like those old French courtiers who had to be served peacocks' tongues etc. in order to have their palate tickled, only I want genuine reproduction 17th century gamba consort in a mouldering Victorian concert hall.

In good news, the US Military courts have said you can't try Guantanamo prisoners as unlawful enemy combatants if they're classified as enemy combatants, and the FCC has been told they can't wig out about people using "passing expletives," especially when both the president and VP have both used the exact same phrases. Per the Seattle PI, emotional intelligence is key to success in the workplace, though not in every company per my experience, as bullying seems to be a good substitute. Finally, some tips on saving money, including, "never borrow money to pay for a depreciating asset" and "don't buy new tech gadgets, stay just behind the curve."

Fretwork. Birthday.

We went to the Wiltonian Music Hall in Spitalfields to see Fretwork tonight. It was a "fine" concert, not excellent - with the exception of Tan Dun's "A Sinking Love," which was excellently sung by CLare Wilkinson. She really captured the feel of spoken Chinese in a way I find hard to explain, though what I said to her was that listening to her sing this song was like watching a movie. (And what is it with Renaissance/Baroque singers doing really modern stuff? It worked, of course, but it seems so odd ...)

Afterwards we came home, ate some pizza from Mascalzone (not Hot Mamas but who is), then dinked with the computer and made plans. Me, I made some plans for my birthday, and wished bathtubgin happy birthday. And now, if we can find it, we're going to play Boggle.

A quick poem (from the concert), by Li Po, "In the Quiet Night."

So bright a gleam on the foot of my bed,
Could there have been a frost already?
Lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlght.
Sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home.