June 9th, 2007


I did go out on a Friday night.

Tonight's B-Movie look: "I couldn't be arsed," which was enough to get me out the door in a reasonable time. I left work a bit early, had a lovely bike ride home, and took a nap on the couch, which gave me enough energy to leave but not enough to stay. Oh well.

Discovery: nice restaurant called Chop Chop right across the street from King's Cross Station, plates of "special fried rice" for £2.85, Singapore noodles (vermicelli with shrimp and curry) for about £3.50, similar price for black bean beef chow fun. These were no London portions: the food literally covered our (very large) plates, and we ate no more than half of either. Pretty cool in my book - both good food and good portions, great prices and a convenient location for later.

Tomorrow: cleaning, might take a trip to the Borough Market if I get out of the house early enough. For now, sleep.

PS: Obviously if I'm too tired to write a decent post I should already be in bed

Another Saturday, another bout of recovery from sleep deprivation

Well, we crashed until 10, which must surely be a sign of exhaustion overall. J made pancakes while I got to work cleaning the bedroom; I've got a few people coming over tonight, and I want the place to be something approaching spotless. Truth be told, I avoided cleaning last weekend because I knew I'd be doing it this one, so now it's time to pay the piper.

I was thinking I could also take a break and have some lunch at Borough Market. But first, I need to actually accomplish something. With that, I plunge back into the fray ...