June 11th, 2007


I have seen my future

While spending today reading on Agile (so I can say whether we're actually implementing it or just "cherry picking" - one guess what my conclusion is!), I found the website of this woman, who's apparently quite a big thing in the Agility QA world. Look at those pictures! Isn't this clear that it's where my life is going? Now all I need to do is starting writing papers and getting published and going to conferences and stuff. How do I do that, and how do I turn it into a career? It sounds like fun!

In other work related news, I found out the bullying I thought was limited to the CTO goes all the way to the CEO. Not happy with our 33% year on year growth? how about we fire a few people and publicly humiliate others and tell the rest of them they're a bunch of lazy underperformers?


Three more months, folks, all I need is three more months.