June 12th, 2007

Queen Apple


Just back from a "Bad Movie Club" showing of Xanadu, in which a plot point was revealed by the narrators I had previously missed.

Olivia: I have something I haven't told you.
Sonny: You're living with somebody?
Olivia: I'm a man. (Okay, this is what the narrators said, but she did have a bigger neck and more prominent adam's apple than he did, and she did dance like a pork chop.)

J then came up with the brilliant idea of Xanadude, and while I could try to write the story now, I'll just let you work on it in your own head for a while.

Moment of major brilliance: during the scene in Mount Olympus (when Sonny yelled, "Hey, Zeus!" I thought maybe he'd though he was in heaven instead), the comedian narrators encouraged us to "sing along" using the party noisemakers they'd provided for us. So as Olivia warbled, "And hooooooow can our lUHHHve succeed ... a MIRacuhhl ... is WHAT we need ...." the audience got out their little whistles, clappers, and ... genius ... inflated balloons ... and squeaked in time (and tone) with the music. Balloons were shooting everywhere, people were recording it on their cell phones ... it was fantastic. I was collapsing with laughter, in part because I almost shot part of my Jelly Baby into my balloon as I was inflating it.

And I sang and clapped along for all of the finale. Boom Boom CLAP CLAP CLAP! click click "XANADU!" etc. It was great fun. Now all I need to do is stop being so excited and try to get some sleep!