June 17th, 2007


Back from Bologna and Modena

I'm sitting on the couch with shadowdaddy, drinking limoncello and looking at pictures off the back of the camera. I've unpacked all of my goodies - the fresh tortellinis (regular and pumpkin), some prosciutto, fresh motz, booze booze booze, and piles of yummy modena vinegar. I got to see a Raphael (the St. Cecilia in the gallery at Bologna) and two Botticellis (both Madonnas, at the Galleria Estense in Modena) and great gobs of amazing architecture. I drew a picture.

I ate so much. Most of it was really good, and the stuff that wasn't really good was either great or still a million times better than anything I'll ever get here. I'll write about it later, probably somewhere else than here. I don't think there's a lot of people on my flist who really want to hear me wax ecstatically about potato gnocchi with butter, sage, and white truffles, but ... man. So much food. So good. Time for salads for penance.

Also, I dreamed last night that I was dating Dick Cheney, who was watching his "past hits" on TV. He also had a thing for golden showers, which he claimed not to like but wanted to hear about. And valkyrikaren had moved into my house and become friends with Cathy Federici and some other people who were living there (including, I swear, lollipop), and I was sad because I didn't know where I was supposed to live anymore.

Will try to catch up with LJ. Must clear luggage out of hallway. Must take shower. See y'all.