June 19th, 2007

Queen Apple

When the sky has color at 11:30 PM, you know it's time for my birthday

Thank you, varina8, for the pretty birthday card! Two days left to go but it's been looking very pretty on my dining room table.

While I know some people might do birthday shopping for me on Amazon.com, it doesn't really seem to happen much, so, just like the suprise party I wait for but never happens and is inevitably replaced by a party I plan for myself, I decided to "do my own gifting" this year. Basically, I just blazed through my wish list and picked up a bunch of used books I've been wanting and had them sent to shadowdaddy's aunt's house so I can lug them back to the UK with me in July. Mmm, vampire detective novels! MMm, Southern cook book from Mary Mac's Tearoom</a>! What more would a 40 year old lady (er, female) want, other than nice Victorian dresses?

Birthday: Generally I say "Give experiences and not stuff!" While fun things to do with people I like (can be free, like "let's go for a bike ride" or "dinner at mine"), I realized that I could ask for some fairly lightweight stuff that would be really happy making for me. I had to leave all of my records behind and rather a lot of my CDs when I moved here, so what I am asking is: would you help me rebuild my music collection? A burned CD would be just fine and I'd be really grateful. My house is really often very quiet these days because the stuff I would have listened to just isn't around anymore. I'd also enjoy compliation disks of UK classics - the kind of stuff everyone here seems to know but I don't. If you're interested, my address is here and my list is Collapse )

I also keep wishing for memberships to cool art places, like the Tate and the Donmar and the NFT. There are just too many to keep on top of here. (And if this kind of thing sounds interesting, please talk to shadowdaddy lest there be inadvertent double memberships.)

This is what makes my days worth living. Wizard detectives.

So at work today we were dealing with a tricky localization issue. Basically, in Swedish, if you enter 20,00 (ie $20.00), our program strips out the comma and reads it as 20000, which causes the user to get a message along the lines of, "You don't have enough money to do that." There are all sorts of side errors associated with this and other problems, and we spent a lot of time today trying to work out the variations of it, the locales where it reproduced, and the method to fix it.

Asking my boss about how plans to deal with this issue, I said to him Collapse ) And there were groans.

In other news, I'm reading the fourth Harry Dresden novel, and I find it extremely ironic that I'm using a Metro Transit Authority card as my bookmark.

For my American friends who need laughs: there's this comedian, Catherine Tate, that someone sent me a video to last week. Here's a sample of her stuff. I think she's supposed to be what they call a "chav" here but I'm not quite sure as I don't have the different local slangisms down quite right. She's definitely playing this character as trashy and poor. I can't quite figure out whether or not she's funny, but I do really get a hoot out of the way she and her comedy co-stars talk.

I get really irritated by her going off on her "I'm not bovvered" bit - how sad to be a comedian with a catch phrase! - but I did get a laugh out of the first four minutes of the wedding skit (Amber, you must watch this) and the cheerleading one. Anyone want to explain who finds her uniformly funny, and why?

Work has been very dull otherwise but I don't want to pollute you all by complaining about it. I'll just read my silly novel and call this a night.