June 30th, 2007

I Miss America

We're alive and in the States

Well, despite the fact Orange says it's happy to charge me for using its services here, I can't actually get my phone to connect to a network, so my dreams of doing blogging etc. while I'm on the road seem to be disappearing. This means I'll be forced to read and do needlepoint and play games and laze around. The horror! It looks like most of my books and other items have showed up, and I'm sitting here in my new linen pants and flowery cotton blouse right now (you would all be shocked to see me).

Can I say that a good breakfast with a newspaper is a delight I have missed GREATLY since I've been gone! Thanks to Bob Evans for making it possible for me to do this today.

We're off to the cottage in a few minutes and it will be bye bye internet for good then. See you all in a few days.