July 9th, 2007

Sea dragon

Awake and exhausted

Well, the coughing started around 4 AM this morning, and around 4:30 I had some more NyQuil. Then at 5 it started again, and I got a very poufy pillow from the couch and made a thing to keep my head really elevated, but that didn't help, so at some point I hit the DayQuil which doesn't seem to have "energizing" effects but does help with the coughing. I think I lost about two hours of sleep, though I was exhausted (either from a solid dose of melatonin before I went to bed or just the righteous wastage of jet lag, I'm not sure). I was sleeping pretty sweetly at 7:20 when the alarm went off, but decided to "push through" until 8:20 in hopes of being less of a zombie later.

The cat found me in the middle of the night and kept me good company. I'm not sure where she's gone to the bathroom but we're not seeing anything in the catbox yet.

I'm exhausted and not really looking forward to work today. Stupid cold.
Morning cuppa

Random links while my brain fizzles around

Gee, why did we spend so much money to FLY Boo with us? According tothis article, I could have just sent her with the household goods!

There's a nice article in the NY Times today about usability, something else about a very pretty performance artist, and a really cool one about swimming in rivers that made me think of bootpunk.

My boss is sick and we're trading cold medicine with each other. It's kind of pathetic. We're both in very sorry shape today.

We're getting flashes of light and the wind is whipping up a storm. How is it that we're having monsoon weather in London? It's crazy!

TDF snark

So, they've got the TV on at work all the time, showing sports, right? And today it's the Tour De France. I am occasionally peeking up to look at it, mostly so I can tell my husband about it and make him jealous. I think they're in Belgium or something - I saw some cool castles with moats around them earlier. I also got to see a SPECTACULAR pile up when I was leaving a meeting the organizer had failed to show up to - something like 15-20 bikes down under a "get to know your riders a little too well" moment with the crowd.

Anyway, so now it's the end of the day, and the guys are getting their rewards for being fast. The guy who, I've heard, came in first, was apparently the one getting "the yellow jersey." Then the next guy comes up - and they put a SPOTTED jersey on him. We're talking white with red spots. He looked like BOZO the fricking CLOWN. ONLY THE FRENCH WOULD DO THIS TO HONOR SOMEONE. In America, we'd have put the spotted jersey on the dude who caused the wreck, and give him a special pointed helmet to wear.
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