July 11th, 2007


The cold isn't beaten yet

Held up falling asleep last night by coughing, finally took medicine.

Up two hours early coughing again, lost a lot of sleep, finally took medicine.

Almost totally overslept because I reset the alarm wrong and was just saved by shadowdaddy coming in to give me a kiss goodbye before he went to work.

The cold isn't over yet, dammit, and I'd stay home today and sleep it off except I've given one guy a comp day off to make up for him being in at 2 AM yesterday and told another of my guys it's okay to work from home today, which means there's three people in, the juniors, and a new build coming in, but I don't trust them to really know what to do.

Damn. I'm all worn out and I want to go back to bed but instead I'm going to be responsible and go into work, just as soon as I get on some real clothes and put in my contacts.
Sea dragon

busy work day with silliness and free lunch

Wow, with a four-hour off site, my day whizzed by! We spent the morning learning about "Agile" again - or we were supposed to. We did successfully - in a room of 30 - learn about each other, and the gossip I garnered was both informative and worth a lunch afterwards. They tried to teach us about collaboration, and while I didn't agree with the point that "yes, but" statements are innovation killers, at least we were having fun with the "Yes, and"s - I planned a combo pilgrimage to Santiago and dance party in Ibiza. Later at work I finally took some cold medicine, and boy, things are feeling smooth now ...

NOTE: for some reason this stuff posted aout 16 hours after I sent it originally ...
Morning cuppa

A note on tea for my West Coast friends; and a Proust update

There's a neat article about tea in the New York Times this week. Who would have thought Portland, Oregon is supposed to be a center of tea culture in America? I did really like the idea of publicly-held, color themed tea parties - perhaps I can pick this up later in the year, green tea in green clothes in Green Park, and, who knows, a one hour tea party on the Eye or something. (Oooh, also, neat article on Vietnamese lotus tea on the Tao of Tea website - who's going to buy me some?)

Also for my West Coast friends: let me know when your packages show up. We sent out about six of them, and I'd like to know if you're getting them!

Proust - well, I didn't make any progress on it while I was gone, so I'm just now up to page 145. I did get copies of Proust's Way: A Field Guide to In Search of Lost Time (by Roger Shattuck) and Alain De Botton's How Proust Can Change Your Life while I was gone, too, so I have some hope for better understanding of the book, not that I think I'm struggling in particular but you do know how pizza is better with some parmesan on top ...

Play reading in Streatham tonight (clicky for details), who will I be seeing there?
Tiger monkey

Dinner: suromono salad at Ichiban Brixton

We've got plum wine, too.

LATER: Well, hell, I had to post that three hours after I took it. Why aren't my pictures posting when I hit "send?" The mysteries of MMS ...
picture.jpgDespite being really, really tired, I went to see booklectic's play reading in Streatham with shadowdaddy after our yummy dinner at Ichiban. I had a schooner of cider to keep me company in the garden (I got to visit with ergotia, major bonus) while we waited for things to start - and this, I think, was a critical error. I was intrigued by the play, enjoying the jokes ... and completely exhausted, like I was wanting to DOZE OFF in the front row.

I attempted to convey to shadowdaddy that I was exhausted when we got to intermission, and he told me he was okay with me falling asleep in the back row, then went to the bathroom. I wasn't, so I went home, and was fortunate enough to catch a train a mere 10 minutes after I got to the train station.

For whatever reason I was feeling quite weepy when I got to the station, beating myself up over people taking their shit out on me and over the people who've rejected my overtures of friendship since I've been here. Mostly I've dealt with it with a big, "Not much I can do, really," but thanks to the magic of I Spent Too Long Coughing Instead of Sleeping Last Night, it was all proving very painful. I wrote imaginary letters in my head, I demoted people, I cancelled vacations I couldn't handle the stress of taking, then I finally called wechsler and talked to him, as Mostly Sane seemed better than where my head was.

I started reading the book bathtubgin gave me (she with rosamicula being the star additions to my circle of friends since I've moved here, completely consoling me for any perceived "loss," and work people amounting to nothing as usual) on the way back. Queueing for Beginners was funny and diverting. And I walked in the door and in short order my kitty came out to keep me company. So life isn't all misery, I'm really just tired and very ready for this cold to end.

I want to write about my long training session on collaboration yesterday but I want to be in bed soon (it's clear that this is good, right?), so I think I'll just read for a while instead and see if Boo will join me on the couch.