July 13th, 2007


Curiosity: how corporate trainers teach you to be collaborative

General update: sick still, not going out tonight, despite having gorgeous black and white dress on.

So I went to a training event work sponsored on Tuesday called "Curiosity." It's part of their non-attempt to teach us about Agile. Truth be told, this event was about teaching us how to collaborate and what barriers to collaboration are. And if you're interested, I'll tell you what we did in an attempt to learn this. Collapse )
Also note, I've decided that ENTP is the Anti-me - while I'm trying to figure out any way to get things right, these people are determined to follow the procedures to the letter, then back-stab you to higher-ups. Both of us want to lead, but theirs is a constricting style, and mine is "here, have enough rope to hang yourself if you think you can get it done."

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