July 14th, 2007

Morning cuppa

Narseals and Chap Olympics

Crap! I'm actually in town for the Chap Olympics this year and I'm missing it! Check out the events, such as "Curling: Teams of three must propel a perouke with curling tongs to the finishing post, grooming the grass to speed it along." With free tickets and two free G&Ts to each ticket holder, it's no wonder it's sold out already! Maybe next year ...

As it is, it looks like I'm missing out on everything I had planned for today, as (despite getting to bed at 11 and only missing 1 hour of sleep around 4 AM, though coughing only a very little) I crashed straight through until 11:30 today, which to me is a sure sign of exhaustion from this stupid cold. And it's lovely outside, really a shame not to be out doing something ... low impact. I had great dreams though - something about Trader Joes selling baby Narseals (furry and spotted, with unicorn horns) for $30, whole, in their frozen meat section - and then discovering that after they thawed out they were all still alive but doomed to die within a week. (The idea was that you'd cut the meat up while they were still frozen, I guess.)

Also there were dreams about mummies. This is what happens when you sleep for 12 hours. No Ascot, no waterfight, no Chap Olympics ... maybe J and I can go for a nice walk along the canals somewhere, after we have our apricot brioche French toast and Golden Phoenix tea ("Green and buttery!").

Today was just like being in Seattle - in the summer - with a cold

SOOOO ... I slept for about 15 hours today, as I'd previously mentioned, but I still wanted to go out! Yep, I had an invitation to a birthday dinner AND a present to give, it was sunny, there was no reason to stay at home!

Our radically revised plan was to take a walk on the canal that goes through Camden and to Little Venice. So at ONLY 4 PM or so, we finally actually made it to our starting point, then promptly stopped to have tea with wechsler (who was in the neighborhood).

Afterwards we began our walk in earnest. Now, let's be honest, it's a really neat walk and I was finding myself suffering from some serious house envy. That said ...

I was also worn out. Tired. Wanting to sit for the next two hours, and then haul my butt down south and sit and eat and just do not much. But no, I was on a walk. So I kept going at a leisurely pace, until we got to Regents Park (a mere half hour, I'm sure), at which point I decided I was Very Very Tired and I was going to need to sit down.

There was no choice but to cross the park, really (as I had to get to the tube station), and, though I would under most circumstances say that it was a lovely park, today it seemed unbearably large. What were people thinking, wasting all of this open space on grass and trees? Eventually we made it to the rose garden, and, hurray, there were benches, and with so many people picnicking or using the lawn chairs, I was able to flop down ...

and then find out I didn't have to take the train down south for dinner. Shoot me, but the way I was feeling it just all seemed like a reprieve.

After a great deal of sitting and a bit of flower sniffing (and playing with the new camera to see if it more accurately reproduces the color of roses than shadowdaddy's camera, and playing with the phone to see if it could really connect with the interweb, and lo, I got movie times), we wound up in Hammersmith eating at the Green Pepper on Kings Road and then going to the Cineworld (the cheapest of the theater chains - tends to stint on toliet paper) to see the 8:30 Harry Potter (or the 8:50 if you only count from when the commercials ended) because, hey, wingedelf liked it, and why not.

And, what do you know, it was good, better than all of the others, with some genuine Act Ting and no long boring bits that made me want to claw my eyes out to make the pain go away. So thumbs up to old Danny and the gang for showing me a good time tonight.

Now we're home drinking plum wine and looking out the window, and the lights were just turned off in Bishops Park, and we both agreed that this evening really played out just like it might have any old not-really-got-our-crap-together kind of way in Seattle, only there we might have wandered around Volunteer Park and somehow it seems likely we'd have had dinner in Chinatown. I did learn, though, that while you should let sleeping dogs lie, poking sleeping cats is extremely funny, especially if they're hiding behind the toliet. And, I think, we should take a train trip in Scotland.