July 15th, 2007

Sea dragon

It's a stay-at-home Sunday!

Hurray, it's a stay at home day! No guilt about where I didn't go, no pressure to be running around, today my goals are simple: make something approaching a Monte Cristo sandwich with the ingredients currently available to me (no toothpicks or swiss cheese), take a shower, and see about getting ONE of my rooms cleaned - maybe the living room or the bedroom. The house is looking painfully pig-sty like. shadowdaddy is off to watch St. Etienne at Finsbury park, but I shall spend my day lolling. Huzzah!

It's raining cats and dogs out there!

I'm spending a bit of time fooling with the pictures I took yesterday to see if the new camera handled colors (etc.) correctly on autofocus. Here's a sample: - a David Austin rose (possibly the Fruit Stripe smelling St. Cecilia I have in my garden at home, clicky for big) from what I'd call the good section of the rose garden at Regent's Park. I was trying to explain to shadowdaddy about ten minutes before I took this shot how the roses in the main section of the garden (near the lawn chairs) didn't have the form I liked - which was true until we got to the special David Austin "English Roses" section of the rose garden, where the roses were heavy with petals and smelled butter-sweet. It was a good day for a picnic and people were out everywhere. Today, I just saw people racing in their little inflatable boat to get underneath the tiny overhand of a tree on the edge of Bishops Park - it was raining tat hard. And the river's up almost all the way over the bottom of the pilings of Putney Bridge now, too.

Right, I'd forgotten the shops close at 5 today - I'm off to buy some poussins for dinner now that the rain's let up. Yum!