July 16th, 2007


Apparently I only get one night off from the coughing thing at a time

Yeah, I was too sure I'd beat it, so the cough came back last night at four.

I wussed out immediately and took some NyQuil and now at 8:30 I'm still strung out from the cough medicine. At least, I think that's what it is: I woke up an hour before I should have and kept not falling asleep very well. And the cat woke me up about four times. We'll get things back together soon, but first she needs to start coming out from her hiding places a little more when we're awake.

I'm not really enthused about going to a concert tonight, and now that I may have to do it in the rain to boot, well ...

God, the ROH is being generous!

Just got an offer in the (e-)mail from the Royal Opera House (see icon) to see this Saturday's matinee of Cosi Fan Tutti for the low low price of £65! ("Promotional code: coffee.")

Er. Yeah. So if you were REALLY holding off on those £100+ tickets, here's a great chance to economize!

Meanwhile, I'll keep sitting in my crappy nosebleed seats and get another five shows in for the same price. I'm sure there's some place where quantity and quality meet, but for me, the second row balcony wins out every time!
disco ball

Lily Allen rocked the house

Tonight I went to see what will likely be not just my second by my last concert of the year, Lily Allen (playing at Somerset House). I remember hearing her sassy little songs on KEXP and getting a good laugh out of them, and thinking, "Now, this is someone who's really got something different to say."

Oddly it turned out this person is some kind of British paparazzi magnet, and I hear about her in the tabloids fairly regularly, though still having a difficult time remembering her name. Still, I was able to put two and two together and convince J to buy me tickets to go see her tonight, for which I'm grateful.

Thoughts I had:
The nine year old wearing the bright Lily Allen t-shirt and the jeans with the black skull and crossbones appliques (with pink hearts for eyes!) was the fashion star of the evening. Too bad I couldn't figure out how to actually take a picture with my camera. Maybe there's a movie of her on there somewhere.

I was rather gob-smacked by the pre-concert video entertainment, which featured a band called the Pussycat Dolls, which appears to be Bananarama with stripper moves dancing in bras. All I could think was, if I had a daughter, how much better for her to have Lily Allen as a role model! (She was SO CUTE in her strapless white vintage prom-dress thing, and I had to love her for taking her spikey black heels off immediately following the second song.)

All of the horn section ROCKED OUT when Linvyl Golding from The Specials came on stage. I think they were very inspired! (And I was surprised at how good her music sounded on stage with the horns - very reggae, very ska, very fun!) And how is it he lives in Seattle and I didn't know it?

So who likes Lily Allen? Based on the pictures they showed of the front row, CHICKS LIKE ME! Yay, that makes me happy. (Her lyrics are VERY "Cry Me a River" - so wild to see all of these women singing along to, "At first when I see you cry/Yeah, it makes me smile/Makes me smile." And it all sounds so chipper!)

I danced, I sang, I laughed, I watched the horrible TV screens so I could make out the words to her songs because, by gosh, they're interesting. And somehow, despite being so damned tired all day, I made it through the evening and had a good time.