July 17th, 2007


Dreaming of Pinter

Today I break in my new Talbot's black & white print dress (big overlapping black circles on a white background) AND the cute red sandals I bought while I was away. My fingers are crossed that we'll succeed in getting day tickets for Betrayal at the Donmar (go, shadowdaddy!) tonight and that there will actually be a reason for me to be dressed up, but if nothing else I have the consolation of looking very cute today (and maybe getting to bed at a decent time, 12:30 last night was too late).

Proust got interesting again yesterday morning and I actually sat outside at lunch and read for half an hour, so I've taken a big jump and made it up to page 188. I've often thought that I put myself in more difficult social situations than I should need to, but at least I've never had to deal with having my best friend introduce myself to her beloved, obsessed-over new boyfriend and discovering that he was a prostitute I used to frequent some years back. On the other hand, hanging out with people who are bickering stupidly, I've dealt with that more than enough. Some things never change!