July 19th, 2007

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Fun newspaper reading; and I'm talking to a recruiter today at 1:30

shadowdaddy and I have failed to make it to the Donmar's current Pinter play, but we will be going to see Hothouse tonight at the National Theater. Feel free to join us - according to their website, there are still plenty of seats available.

Also, I like reading this line on the National Theater website: "Harold Pinter, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005, is generally regarded as the world's greatest living dramatist." This is encouraging, since, despite forgetting about his Nobel (I just remembered hearing about his speech, apparently some part of my brain didn't register why he was giving it), I decided last year I'm going to try to see every play he's written as they become available because of how much I had been enjoying the ones I'd seen performed here, in England. Too bad about missing Betrayal, but I'm convinced I've seen it before, at Intiman, I think, so I'll manage, though I think ten years later I'd enjoy it a lot more, what with all of the progressively better theatrical experiences I've managed to have since then.

You know, I just called up his speech, and it's too awesome not to share - here's a bit of it. Collapse )

Also good to quote is the commentary on the Guardian about Mike Read's decision to not run for mayor. Check out "Whatta Palaver's" evisceration, first quoting the article: I've spoken to lots of young kids in gangs or "crews" as they prefer to be known and most want to get out of a way of life that gives them nothing. Get in there ... understand their problems and give them access to sporting facilities and the chance to make music, act, dance and write. Get them integrated into society and to realise its value.

"That's right Mike. All these "urban" types can only do sport or make music can't they? Its the sense of rhythm that does it, eh Mike?

How about giving them the chance to become journalists or nuclear physicists or geography teachers or Corgi registered plumbers or radiographers? How about giving them the chance of achieving a sense of self-worth that doesn't revolve around sports or entertainment or celebrity?

Patronising Tory twaddle."

I love it! When I need to make sure my picnic lunch arrives at the park well-chilled, I'm going to take that comment and drop it in the hamper along with my chicken salad sandwiches and jello salad, and I'm sure they'll be refrigerator fresh, if not even a bit frosty on the edges!
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Pinter and morons

The good part of my evening: we went and say Hothouse at the National. The script was great, lots of really fun dialogue that all read really well (none of that "What?" stuff except when I was going, "What was that about a duck?") and a lot of good performances - well worth our 10 pound day seats.

The crappy part of the evening: having the guy that holds the purse strings for my group at work tell me that he didn't put automation on the prioritization list for this sprint (two week work period) because he doesn't see how it's going to improve his chances of getting this product delivered on time, then badgering me in front of about 16 people (via a video phone!) for exact numbers about when automation pays for itself. I got so angry that people were consoling me after the meeting. And apparently one of the developers made a bet about how angry I was on a scale of 1 to 10 with my boss, and he won it.

I hate it when work makes me feel like drinking. All I had tonight was half a shot of Campari, though, and it was pretty nasty. Night, all.