July 23rd, 2007

Morning cuppa

Day three with no not water

Well, I stuck my head under the faucet and gave myself a very cold hair washing this morning. I've managed with quick rinse-offs (with soap) since Saturday, but I'm ready for a real shower now.

I slept like crap again. The cat was meowing, the window (in the bedroom) was open, my hip ached enough to wake me up (I think this is all about the still knee pulling the muscle from the hip, but who knows), BLEAH. I tried sleeping in a bit but I don't think I accomplished much. I also don't feel motivated to go into work today. Need new job.

But I'm going anyway. Today's excitement will be learning how to do test reports using a new bug tracking system. I wish I was really excited about it, but I'm not.

My geek is geekier than your geek

Man, everyone in the damned world is talking about Harry Potter, but nobody gives a damn about my geekeries. The Japanese movies, the ballet, Early Music - I get excited about these things but nobody else seems to care. I SHOUT IN THE VOID. I can't even find anyone to go out with me to see a movie on Sunday, when shadowdaddy is off doing his boys-in-spandex-shorts geek thing in Paris. Is there an implication that to be a geek means there's someone else out there who finds your supposedly obscure interests exciting, but maybe they just aren't particularly concerned with being fashion-forward? Me, my geekeries leave me without any sort of community, but I love them anyway because they make my life more rich. Where's varina8 anyway, she should be going out with me and then hashing the movie apart afterwards. Are there really only five of us out there?

Anyway, though no one cares, Emma Kirkby is going to be performing Handel's Messiah on December 23rd, and I think that's really neat and I want to go.

In more widely appreciable news, there is still no hot water in the flat, and I'm going to try to do a tub using the kettle to kill the cold. Yay yippee.

Also, my uncle suggested that I invite my dad over for Thanksgiving, which seems ... fraught, especially since he's not allowed to stay in my house anymore. I'd talk about it with my brother if he were online, but he's not. Dang.

Off to the kettle ...