August 3rd, 2007

Sea dragon

lunch with the team

pimm pom at the Crabtree

The sign says, "Thank you for visiting the Crabtree. If you happen to find due to some accident that this has made it home with you, it probably means you had a good time last night. Please return me ..." (Or more or less - can't remember what exactly is on there anymore and the resolution just isn't good enough to read it!)
Sea dragon

Five o'clock and the beer fridge is open

Drinking on the job again. This time it's Imperia vodka, courtesy of the CTO. (Made of winter wheat from the black soil of the Russian Steppes, it is distilled eight times and then blended with the glacial waters from Lake Lagoda. The liquid is then filtered twice through charcoal and twice again through quartz crystals from the Ural Mountains.)picture.jpg

I used Linux at work today. And I bought a monkey.