August 8th, 2007


Vacation, all I ever wanted ... vacation, had to get away ...

So what's up with the fact that it costs less and takes less time to go to Sicily than it does to go to Scilly? Sicily = £172, three hours travel time plus going to airport. Scilly, best price option is train plus ferry for 6 + 3 hours, £134, only they don't coordinate so you have to include a hotel room so you can catch the ferry, and then it's, what, £180? If you fly to Newquay and then fly to Scilly, you're looking at £250 if you're lucky to get the cheap fares, and then your travel time is about 3-4 hours plus getting to airport.

I want a pretty place to go kayaking, dammit. Where am I supposed to go to get my ocean time? How is shadowdaddy going to continue the endless battle against the devil octopus?