August 23rd, 2007

Morning cuppa

A good evening out and a quiet morning at home

shadowdaddy and I hustled our way down south after work, off to Tooting Broadway, home of the lovely trishpiglet and babysimon. After a visit at their place (where I was served a warm cup of tea while listening to the rain come down - so perfectly English, just not very English summer!), we strolled back to the main street and had a very filling dinner at a South Indian restaurant (Vijaya Krishna, I think).

Among many things, we had a chat about housing stuff, such as flat types (terrace house?), prices, how much of a down payment you need (zero percent? five percent?), how mortgages work over here, etc. Their neighborhood seems pretty decent and a hell of a lot more affordable than Putney. I think if I set my mind to it, I could have enough money to buy my way into a place here by this time next year. This process would be accelerated, of course, by moving out of THIS place and into, say, a one bedroom or otherwise cheaper property and maybe saving a little extra money by doing that. But our lease goes until October 15th, and, who knows, maybe it would all be too much trouble just for ten months.

At any rate, dinner was great and I find I'm still full this morning. I'm "working from home" until 11:15, when I'll walk up the street to the physiotherapist and work on my knee for a while. Then it'll be into work for a half day. I've got a couple of interesting projects I've been asked to do - coming up with plans for my employees for the next year (so whoever takes over knows where they're going) and working out a training program, with budget, benefits, and providers, for the larger group (this came out of my second meeting with The Demotivator yesterday), so I feel like my time can be well used, even if the most noticeable thing I did yesterday was buy some stuff off of Amazon. (That's not really true, as I went from "identify Employee Y's career goals" to "find him a programming mentor, who then met with him in half an hour to discuss what they're going to do, then watch him download Visual Studio" in about three hours yesterday, which was totally gratifying. I really can make a positive difference at times. I like that.)
Cat macro

I'm in Ur Internets, Watching You Not Work From Home

So, it's 9 AM and officially I'm working, right? Except of course I'm reading LJ, just like any other day at the start (spikeylady and "Abandoned Tiger Befriends Cat," awesome!). I go to YIM to send this to ktiger, and what do I see in the IM window? "Get dressed now!" AAA! How did it know I was still in my pyjamas?

Fortunately it was just talking about my Yahoo avatar, but SHEESH! I was wondering where the camera was there for a second!

Right, cup of tea and then I'll work on those status reports ...

HSBC gets it right in "Igloos in Hell" shocker

Wow, after seven months, six (or more) phone calls, and five branch visits and denial after denial, HSBC has finally FINALLY managed to send my credit card bill to the correct address - you know, the one where I live.

I am flabbergasted. I swear I see a winged pig cruising by my apartment window this very moment.

Also, I've received yet another package (this is four in about eight days), which is cool, as I have no idea what it is, and Darjeeling Namring Oolong (from Mariage Freres, thanks shadowdaddy) is delicious.

All pilaticized, fed, and squidded

Of course I was late to my appointment, in part because I didn't include time for changing into street clothes, but also because I spent time looking for my keys, which I did not find. Fortunately I didn't get yelled at, which stresses me out, and Collapse )

Anyway, back to my apartment for lunch, a package pickup, and my keys (while management is around to let me in). Let in, found keys, heated lunch, and open packages to discover - a whole load of fun from McSweeneys, including Animals of the Ocean: In Particular, the Giant Squid and my squid shirt. Yay!

Since I was farting around, I also finally remembered to look up the London Freewheel Event, which is happening after all of my guests clear out (September 23rd). I really like the idea of biking around London without worrying about a bunch of cars running me down. And hey, I'll get a bell and a reflective vest, too! Anyone else want to go with me?

Now I look outside at the rain and it's miserable looking. I need to go to work but I want to buy a travelcard before I head out and the place nearby can't just zap up my oyster. What a pain! Well, at least I have an umbrella now ... I guess I'll add some goretex lined boots to complete the ensemble.