August 27th, 2007


Kayaking class level 3: rocks!

Quite a day of kayaking with the Cornwall canoe crew (led by Jeff today) and I am right worn out. We were picked up and taken to Maenporth Beach. While the class was advertised as intermediate, in fact it was quite mixed, with one "five star" certified guy who, with two other dudes (including "Wenley Kayak," must look him up later) was basically there to learn sea rescues, and two other guys who were fresh out of the beginners class from the weekend.

So off we set. I immediately fell over while attempting a surf launch; comic in one foot of surf but still good for a lap full of water. J, meanwhile, made it beyond the break before he fell in, though I missed it all. It was an inauspicious beginning and a blow to both of our confidence levels.

Once we got out, things were lovely. We coasted through seaweed encrusted rock channels; I marvelled at a shipwreck so huge it looked like a dinosaur's skeleton, and so barnaclized it looked organic; a seal watched us for rather a long time and was watched right back by me.

However, I'd got it in my head that the order of the day was "taking the newbs out," and I began to feel very nervous that we were being set up for failure in order to give the other guys something to practice on. Happily, I didn't fall out all day, but sadly, my knee didn't cooperate and I began to ache rather a lot come hour four. Rather pleasantly, I got to be the "incapacitated tow victim" (rather than completely wearing myself out) and got a nice break even though I could have made it in fine. And J and I were more than happy to sit on the beach while the big guys headed back into the surf for a "cave rescue." Tea on the beach on a lovely day; what's to complain about? Crazy to think we'll be doing it all again tomorrow. Now, time for steak at the pub.