August 29th, 2007


Games group meeting at College Arms

Spent a nice evening at the College Arms on Store Street with a games group that James Wallis (of Once Upon a Time fame) had invited me to sit in on. I was feeling rather stupid and out of place for rather a long while as the conversation was sticking quite firmly to video/online games (about which I am slightly more conversant than I am about sports but let's face it, Joust was about the last game played on a screen I gave a rip about), though I did win props for the "I'm wearing a shirt" concept t-shirt.

Finally, James said, "Hey, is that a game in your bag?" and we settled down with "Robin" to play a game of Modern Art (breaking in my copy, as a matter of fact). Final score was 523-456-423, which I thought was quite good considering we didn't know how to play and were just figuring it out from the rules.

Even better than the game was the company. James was really nice (he's going to be a daddy any hour now - or day), and Robin and I totally hit it off - I'm supposed to invite her and her husband over for tacos, games, and a tequila tasting session. All in all, it was a very good night!

EDIT: Group on Yahoo: .