September 5th, 2007


I woke up for this?

At 7:50 this morning, I was dreaming I was in the back of the car in my old neighborhood, and shadowdaddy was arguing with some people about where we were going to have dinner. shevek was standing around, and then suddenly wechsler showed up, complaining about the trouble getting to my place ... and I went, "Jackpot!" All the guys got into the back seat of the car with me, shevek trying to fold himself up small enough to fit.

Anyway, you figure out what it means. Me, I didn't want to wake up, and went back to sleep for another ten minutes.

Last night: W came over here after work and I made tacos for the three of us. Both guys were pretty wiped out from the bike rides back and forth to work (me less so but the margaritas were doing me fine), so we all looked at our computers and did not much else for the rest of the night. Woo!

Trachtenberg family slide show players tonight, now that the strike is off.

A really neat play at the Soho Theater

Sooo ... I'm looking at the Soho Theater website, trying to figure out how long Venus as a Boy is playing ("An explosive and haunting story about the miraculous power of sex" - yeah, I'm sold, especially for £10 - I'll be going tonight, feel free to join us), and I see a picture for a show called Moonwalking in Chinatown ... "A walkabout performance through the hidden corners of Chinatown." I'm enchanted, and really interested. (It is, fyi, also a celebration of the Autumn Moon Festival.)

This "play" will be going for two weeks (September 19th through the 29th), but due to prior commitments I can only go on either the 29th (which is kind of already booked) or ... cancel what I was doing on the Wednesday the 26th and go then. I'll be hitting the 8:15 show after a dinner at Inn Noodle ... anyone want to join me?

PS: I also used the picture they're using for the show to create a new icon, then went to create five more out of images I'd been saving on my computer in hopes of some "free time," which, obviously, would be now.
Jasper Morello

Feeling groovy. And another GIP.

Wow. I know for you Brits this is all old timey and Back In The Day, but I had never seen this until five minutes ago, and only maybe heard the song three times as background music at clubs.

I'm a bit blown away. No wonder they were so big. To think that the one album I happened to get from this band, back in '93, so utterly unimpressed me. Now I think I get it. To think I was only doing research trying to figure out who had made the original song of the video poh had posted yesterday (which this morning I figured out was "Bad Cover Song" by Pulp, still haven't found the original) ... and got to see this song in its full, first impression glory. Wow.

I also don't think this song could really translate well to a US audience, and maybe that's why I didn't hear about them then. I think we were still rolling around in the glory of Janes Addiction and Nine Inch Nails in those days, but who knows, there must be a secret clique of American Pulp fans out there just as there is for almost anything if you dig hard enough.

I'm feeling pretty chipper if not particularly motivated today. I was referred via Gmail to a site on "Urban Krav Maga," which I misread as Manga and thus was disappointed to read through the first few sentence on the website and find out it wasn't about creating crack squads of urban graphic novelist, mocking society with their carefully crafted cartoons. But one can hope.

I also got a laugh when I logged into LinkedIn and got this message:Collapse )
Me and my nothing coworkers! Ha!

I also enjoyed this article about the dreadful lack of new writing in London theater this fall, which, despite its gloom, still ends with the conclusion, "To read the papers some days, you'd think London was a war zone, populated solely by marauding gangs and a terrified citizenry desperate to emigrate. Well, all I can testify to is the collective exhilaration on offer that would seem to be the Albert Hall norm: a time-honoured tradition that offers reason enough to be in London. And, yes, to love it."

Now I'm going to watch some more Pulp videos on YouTube, because I can.

"Self- knowledge is knowledge of the divine ... that the self and the divine could be identical."

It was like "Breakfast on Pluto," but, you know, if the movie had been interesting.

Tonight I went and saw a play called Venus as a Boy.

Doubtlessly some of you have read the book. I had not. I saw the ad on the Soho Theater's website, which said "An explosive and haunting story about the miraculous power of sex," and me, well, I'm interested in sex-positive theater. Inside it's further described thus: "With just one touch or kiss, he can reveal a glimpse of heaven in all its resplendent glory. Some call him Cupid. Or Venus as a Boy."

Another quote (from the play) goes, "My reward is the understanding that, for those I’ve touched, knowledge of me is knowledge of the divine."

And, well, I really liked this play. At first I thought it was a fairy tale about a person who gives people visions of heaven, then, well, it was a bit of a nightmare, and then it could have been a very stupidly "In search of Twoo Wuv" tale, but instead it was kind of, to me, about ... how sex can really bring out the higher side of people, how, rather than being something to be rejected as sinful, it is a way of getting closer to the divine. And the lead character, well, maybe he was "just a whore," but I really bought him as a sort of Christ figure, helping people who had no joy to have a brief time when they thought that they might at least find joy in the afterlife as they'd glimpsed a tiny bit of delight on earth.

I also thought that the character was a positive portrayal of a bisexual, and the complications in people's sexuality and sexual identity and how labels never really get it right or have much to say about who the person really is who's wearing that tag. Yeah, sure, it was tragic, but sometimes life goes wrong, and really happy stories can be so boring, don't you agree?

Afterwards I turned to shadowdaddy and said, "Well, for a total crap shoot, that was a winner, don't you think?" And he agreed. It's especially amazing because it was a one man show (with guitarist, actually the author of the book), and I usually HATE them because a lot of people can't hold the stage for an hour, but this guy did. Go, Tam Dean Burn. And go you, oh my flisters. THe show is only 10 quid through the end of this week and runs through September 22nd; you won't want to say you missed it. I mean, we even liked the lighting, and the costuming made me think I should dress like Greed for Halloween (see icon above). How much more can I say?

To make my night perfect, I came home and discovered the Hotel Chocolat people had inadvertently sent me two free introductory boxes. God, life is good.