September 7th, 2007

Sea dragon

Need a baby bed ASAP and King Lear update

So ... my brother is coming to visit in about five days and I need to get a bed suitable for a toddler (18 months) to use while he's here. Can anyone help me? I'd like to pick it up this weekend if possible.

Also, tickets for King Lear went on sale today (on We're going on Monday the 26th and have row D seats 37 to 40. Ticket prices range from 45 to 15, though opening night (November 15) is only 30 - 10. Get them while you can!
Sea dragon

Pissing more people off

Well, I sent a mail out reminding people to come to the talk one of my guys is giving ... and I made him mad. He doesn't want people there and he didn't want me to invite more people to come. I thought this was silly and ignored him because people need the training he's offering. So now he's mad at me.

Anyway, in other news, I'm looking for costumes at work again and coming up with costumes that are questionably work safe. I mean, I've never seen a British school girl dressed like this (this is work safe enough). On the other hand, I'm kind of liking the "Sexy Sargeant" costume, no matter how inaccurate it is.

Hmm. Better stop clicking around and looking at the other stuff.