September 9th, 2007


Good morning, good morning ... good ... wait, what time is it?

Breakfast today was SPECTACULAR. I had some leftover baby potatoes, some leftover diced onions from the Indian food on Friday (as well as some big cooked tomatoes that I would have never eaten that come into play later), both of which I fried along with three rashers of bacon (to juice up the potatoes and give the onions some flavor). Then, when it was looking good, I added two tablespoons of Harissa Berbere - the red chile stuff we picked up in Tunisia - and a little bit of water to spread it around. YUM! After that I tossed the tomatoes and three eggs in it, and when it was looking smooth but a little wet, grated a bunch of cheddar cheese on top and put in under the broiler until the cheese was bubbly.

OH BABY! shadowdaddy is my bitch today. Totally not safe for cats.

There is a swan on a tiny islet in the river that's being slowly covered with water busily napping right now. It's cute.

Right, now that I'm on a big ol' endorphin rush, let's see about getting the bedroom clean so the bikes can go in it, and get to work on the rest of the house so it's ready for the arrival of my brother and his crew. Irrationalrobot: T-2 days and counting!

It's not like summer wasn't over anyway

Well, doesn't it just figure that as I'm putting away 75% of my summer clothes, I find a pair of black (BLACK!) capris that fit, NICE ones, when here I've had to spend the summer alternating between the ones I wear for kayaking and housework and the ultra-nice lined linen ones that need to be drycleaned.


I'm pulling them out anyway. And the pants that go with the pink floral pantsuit. Surely I can get one day's wear out of THAT before the sun goes away entirely. This will likely be while my family is visiting. I will scar my tiny nephew for life; he will always remember be as the glowing pink freak with the electric streak growing out of her head.

I'm thinking that J's birthday would probably be the best day for this. Serve him right for showing me up with that Lara Croft costume.

Right, back into the bedroom. I will get all of those clothes put away yet! There will be room for bicycles in our bedroom before sundown!

But first, tea and a brief moment of lazing to Xanadu. Aaaah, a summer Sunday. I am useless.

Two more days. Two more days.

Hmm. It does seem a bit of a shame to spend most of a lovely Sunday like this one cleaning. I didn't even make it to the landing. And believe it or not, I didn't take a nap.

I did, however, did a very bad job of baking a chicken. It was underdone, it was done late. The side dishes were also suboptimal; the spicy carrot puree was underdone (though the raw and the cooked carrots were perfectly safe to eat, the raw centers of the cooked carrots just didn't want to blend, making for a chunky mess) and the mac and cheese (which I like a lot) was done so soon that it was cool by the time the chicken finally came out. Bah, bah, and bah. So I am in a bad mood now.

I was however made to giggle by these words: "Anne of Green Gables is under cleaning." "The time-tested foppish item of a Dalmatian handle!" These wonderful examples of Japanglish are here. Never were cats so involuntarily photographed! (Thanks, weegoddess, for the clue.)

I'm going to console myself with some trashy SF now and call it a night.