September 19th, 2007

Sea dragon

Kill them all! Or: the results of a night with no sleep.

I nearly had a meltdown on the way back home yesterday. By this I mean I nearly yelled at a London paper hawker who kept his freaking arm stretched out long enough that the woman coming toward me bumped me trying to avoid him. I wanted to say, "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY AND STOP BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK, YOU MORON!" but it's not really the London way. Truthfully, the little old man with a cane that was blocking the way earlier (due to a bad situation with scaffolding and "Buy our shit" sandwichboard signs on lower Oxford Street) didn't cause the same reaction; instead I wanted to hurl the signs into the shops and tell THEM to, "STOP BLOCKING (etc. rage)!".

I think this was all because of not getting enough sleep the night before. shadowdaddy noted I looked very tired when I met him after work, and during work (during the marathon "meet everybody who works on this website" session that had me being introduced to 40 people) I was getting kind of punchy, alternating between rambling endlessly and sitting their like a sack of rocks.

Tonight, at least, I've slept enough - in bed at 10:30 (after nearly falling asleep on my feet at 10), awake at 6:50, in bed hoping to fall back asleep until 7:30 but feeling good for a change. Whew. I even brewed a cup of tea this morning, and the very sweet shadowdaddy is making me a bacon sandwich. I like that. Now I'm going to read LJ, because I can't really during the day, and still no IM (grr). I am supposed to get my new computer with my lovely admin priveleges, so I should break through the cyber ceiling today.

Tonight: All About My Mother at the Old Vic with scarlettina. Feel free to join us, not that we have an extra ticket or anything, but, you know, it would be nice to see some of my friends. I miss you guys!
Sea dragon

Everybody has their faults. Mine is online.

I can about hear the trumpets blowing: today is the end of TimesSelect on the New York Times' website. That means I can OD on Paul Krugman, the only major editorial writer in the United States (that I know of) that consistently opposed the Iraq war before anyone else even considered it. Oddly, he is an economics writer, but I do really love to read his stuff.

In other news, leaving the house at 8:20 today got me to work at 9:20, which is No Good. Even though I made a perfect landing at Putney Bridge (though somehow getting on the SLOW SLOW train, I can only imagine it was waiting for a platform to become available), the Pic was too full at Earl's Court and I was punted to the second train, a mere three minutes later, but with so many bodies coming out at the same time I was slowed down, molasses-like, as I attempted to make my way out of the station. The train to station slowassco took about ten minutes. Tomorrow: I leave earlier. (9:30 is not acceptable working hours in my new group, unfortunately.)

Now I get to start on my new project - test plan and test cases due end of next week! No rest for the wicked, I suppose, though the amount of time I spent planning my trip to Paris with butterbee (I think going back here should be the plan) and looking up the Pilates options at the downtown YMCA certainly didn't count as work. At least I was virtuous and had leftovers for lunch instead of going out.

Review: All About My Mother at the Old Vic

We were treated to this play as a hosting present from scarlettina tonight. She was excited about seeing Diana Rigby; I was very interested in seeing how a movie that had made me cry about six times translated to the stage. Collapse )

I just don't get it. Was it the lack of closeups? I just felt like I was watching scenes, one after another, and none of the actors made me care about the story. So while it wasn't the worst thing I've seen on stage, well, my time is precious and so should yours be, and thus I must once again pimp Venus as a Boy as THAT old, mangy man had me eating out of his hand, utterly convinced that he WAS a 22 year old male prostitute in Soho in the early 90s. The blond tranny prostitute around whom Manuela's search rotated? I could not believe so many people ruining their lives for him no matter how much I stretched my imagination. (Mark Gattis was good, but he wasn't supposed to be the most fun element of the show, I think.)

Anyway. Good company tonight and I'm glad we got to see it, but I am looking forward to seeing Mark Wheeldon tomorrow at Sadler's Wells. As usual, there are discounted tickets available at the TKTS booth and we would be happy to see you there.