September 23rd, 2007

Bad Spelling Suxx

I don't think I'll apply to this job

(Posting here, for the full flavor.)

Letter to a recruiter

Subject: Your job posting on

"Hiring for this position is very competitive, so a quality 1st impression from resume & cover letter is key."

As a QA professional with 10 years industry experience, including three at Expedia, I would be disinclined to apply for a job posting with as many grammatical errors as yours contained. May I advise that you have a colleague review these before you post them? I've forwarded the job listing to a board that I run but I'm afraid the text as seen on Monster makes I-mate look unprofessional and chaotic.
Sea dragon

In real life, they call me Scarecrow

Goals for the second year in London:
1. Save up to buy a house here. Apparently 10K in Libre de Plato is considered about right.
2. Get my debt paid off in the US (first). I'm aiming for ... January or something.
3. Get four star kayak certified, if I can find some instructors I don't think are macho jerks.
4. Gosh, I had a good one. Oh yeah, get fully off of HSBC and converted to Smile, one step at a time, starting with getting Mr. shadowdaddy converted, then the autobillpay moved over, then some kind of miracle thing where the automagic rent payment moves ... etc. January is probably about right for this.
5. Start doing Pilates twice a week now that I'm near the Y in downtown London. I'm hoping to be doing this by the end of October.

Can you tell I just spent the last hour working on my budget? It was mostly painful except for the part where 1) we're not broke this month with a week until payday still (this seems entirely due to the fact that all three of our bimonthly bills were not, for some reason, due this month) and 2) the dual charges for $XXX obscene amounts of US money (my debt) turned out to be some kind of clerical error on the bank's part (the other option was that someone had snagged the mail on my old account and written a check for an identical amount off of my old account - not a sneaky thing to do, really).

Wow, that was so boring. I apologize. Today's fun stuff: we went on a bike ride from our house all the way to London Bridge, and I became pretty much 100% convinced that I will not bicycle commute in this city as I was nearly killed about four times (or it felt like it - and 5 if you include "by aggravating my spouse"), so this wasn't too fun though it picked up after we got to St. James Park and got free sandwiches (free food always being a day brightener in my book) and water bottles and a visit with julietk. Afterwards, we returned via train from Waterloo (couldn't deal with the maddening throngs any more) and I crashed on the couch for a bit. Second fun thing: we went to the Ritzy to see A Roll of the Dice, an Indian silent movie that stole rather a lot from the Mahabharatha and was gorgeous and jewel-like and quite a nice travelogue to boot. Third: shadowdaddy realized he was crashing hard after the movie, so we went to Fujiyama for some Japanese dinner. I realized while we were there that I am NOT going to work tomorrow, I'm going to an orientation in Sutton, so I get to sleep in. Woo hoo! On the other hand, I did nearly forget entirely and go into work so I am a bit of a moron. I'm also sore from my bike ride, but I think it was a good afternoon despite the aching right now.

Also (so exciting!), I've decided on a pseudonym for my new job: Tango Foxtrot. Everyone calls the company by its acronym, which I think is a bit twee, so I'm going for a longanym and changing the implied initials a bit. (Fun article on Nyms here for my word geek friends. I'll see if I can come up with a rightonym for the other word I made up and change it later - perhaps megalonym would work?)

Currently reading: Mozart in Prague (dull!), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Guermantes Way (he's at someone's house and they are insulting his knowledge of furniture, page 554 and the finish line a mere 43 pages away), The Devil in Amber, and Queuing for Beginners. I'd really like to finish just one more book before the end of the month, but I'm having a hard time finding anything that's really catching my interest - pleasant, yes, but not gripping. With luck I'll get all of these books finished by the end of October.