September 25th, 2007

Sea dragon

Dear Prudence - can't I go out and play?

It's sunny, despite the forecast of blustery and miserable (I summarize). The Thames is calm and green. A pair of rowers has just sculled by.

Man, I want to be rowing. That looks good.

Oh well, time to get dressed and out the door. Let's see if I can get there on time today.

Note the trousers I wore yesterday have been officially labelled "pants" in my book as 1) they are sticky when it is warm out and 2) they are useless at keeping me warm when I want to be, i.e. when it's cold outside.

At home tonight - probably still recovering from the last two weeks.
Sea dragon

Stupid commuters. This includes me.

Spam sender of the week: "Fanny U. Call."

Left at 8:13, caught the 8:22, but didn't get to work until 9:27 (totally unacceptable) due to Moron On Train. This might have been an actual dying person pulling the alarm, but I doubt it. I also skipped two trains (one Northern and one Central) due to overcrowding. Watch me get back on the Picadilly tomorrow. (Note Worthy Opponent left in time to catch the 8:40 and got to work 15 minutes earlier than me. This makes me bitter. I want a 9:30 start time.)

Also have no phone today. This capture, in a nutshell why I hate Tuesdays, not Mondays.

And Thursday is now free, not sure what I am going to do. Suggestions?

Made a brief stop in Les Nereides costume jewelry shop yesterday, and now I know what I'm getting all of the ladies in my life for Christmas. Well, maybe. It is pretty stuff, though!

Reading progress and a quiet night in (Happy Harvest Moon Festival!)

It looks like I'll be finishing the month with a Triple Toe Loop! Triple Salchow! as both Curious Incident and Guermantes Way are WELL on their way to being finished by Monday. Proust is at page 580, which is very exciting as I have been working FOREVER on this "Read Remembrance" project (though in fact it only started last October), and, well, Curious Incident is a total cheater book as about a quarter of it is white space and there are many pictures. (In Proust, Our Hero got into a fight with a rather psychotic man last night, and has just now run into the character who was the protagonist of Volume 2, Swann). But since I'm REALLY trying to read more than I did last year and my goal is to finish two books a month, I'm quite pleased that I'm actually getting up in the threes for September.

Otherwise: a quiet night, had wechsler over and tried some lamb from the good butcher across the street from work again, a different preparation this time (but also easy) involving chopped onion, vinegar, oil, a parsley leaf, and salt and pepper, which made a marinade the lamb sat in for an hour before being pan-fried. It was delicious again but I had a hard time getting the pan frying right; the first time it was just too rare. I also made brushetta, using a recipe (like the marinade) from the Silver Spoon. The kicker was that you toast the bread on both sides in the oven, then brush a garlic clove across both sides and put it back in for toasting before putting the chopped tomatoes (and basil and olive oil) on the bread. Yes, this cookbook is rocking mightily right now.

Tomorrow: Moonwalk in Chinatown, which is now quite sold out. Tonight: bed! Night, all.