September 26th, 2007

disco ball

And the winner is ...

District to Central Line via Notting Hill Gate got me to work in under an hour after I left. I even made it in by the "late arrival time," 9:15 (er, I did leave a bit late, something about not setting the alarm). I was able to get on all trains without waiting for another one to come by, which was a win, and there was quite a bit of sitting done on the District Line. It was all bizarre to be doing this while reading about an autistic boy trying to navigate the underground, which left me feeling a bit discombobulated when I finally got off at Holborn, but at least I made it in on a schedule I'm happy with (if I would have only left at 8:10).

These were my timings (this all reeks of the boy in my book but I don't want to think about that too much):
8:18: land on sidewalk in front of my house (behind schedule as I got up late and then there was too much faffing with getting an outfit together, which I blame on the change of seasons meaning everything I need is more or less in storage), head to train with wechsler (pleasant).
8:29: Catch District line to Edgware at Putney Bridge. Stop twice on the way in for no good reason.
8:51: arrive Central line.
9:06: head up the escalators at Holborn.
9:15: sit at desk after taking milk train-like elevator to 7th floor.

So! This is much better than fighting for seats every step of the way on the Northern and Picadilly lines and I do like not having a moronic third transfer at Totteham Court Road. Now let's see if I actually make it to Pilates at the Y today.
Mano Poderosa

IE is bizarre

Riddle me this:

I open a link from an email (in this case, ). The page opens in IE, but my favorites have all disappeared and the search toolbar is set to Live (I set it to Google). I can’t get to Sharepoint.

I open IE from my taskbar. It opens to the RBI homepage. My favorites are there and my search is set to Google. Now I can get to Sharepoint.

Is there a gremlin living in this machine or what? I can’t figure out how it’s picking up both the default and “my” profile in IE.

In which my friends encourage me to spend money

Oh dear. cookwitch has linked to this site and now I'm browsing tea pr0n at work. Oh baby. Let's arrange an afternoon rendezvous at my place.

Also, comically, the Yahoo news headline in my mail inbox right now reads, "Gates seeks & # 36 ; 190 billion for wars (AP)," which has so many escape characters it looks like swearing, which is what the actual numbers ($190 billion, see story) make me want to do. When will the madness stop?

Ooh, look, someone's come by with a trolley and they're selling home made cake slices for charity. Just what I want to go with an afternoon cuppa ... pardon me while I fish for my wallet.

Moonwalking in Chinatown


The show was fun if unevenly acted and struggling a bit (in my mind) with having a "message" to deliver. The audience was divided into four different groups, each getting slightly different pieces of the intertwining storylines; we were "red," which meant we got the girl with the "gwai lou" (foreign devil was my read) boyfriend and the exciting mugging/drug deal scene - but I think I might have preferred the "little girl looking for her lost toy" thread or the "young hip Chinese teens" group. (It's sold out but returns may be available just before the show; call and ask if you want to go.)

Of course, it was chilly outside and not really a good night for sitting quietly in a patio for some outdoor theater, especially when it started to rain, but that's how it goes sometimes. I put my gym shirt on under my sweater and shadowdaddy was nice and lent me his coat. Afterwards we went out for some uninspired Chinese food (the girl from Sichuan province and her date from Taiwan both recommended some other restaurants to us with better food), and now we're at home, sitting in front of a fire and thawing out. You read me right, a fire: the gas inspectors came by today and showed shadowdaddy how to light this apparently non-decorative bit of living room tat. Just you watch our gas bills skyrocket. And, of course, we'll never want to move now.

Oh, and I finished The Guermantes Way - I am so proud of myself! Of course, it was good so it wasn't like finishing broccoli or anything. I bet I can finish The Curious Incident by Friday, too.