September 27th, 2007

Queen Apple

Proust is done: a lot to be happy about today, if you're easily pleased

So I have a lot of things making me happy today.

First, it is COLD but my leather jacket was still hanging on the coat rack near the door!

Second, I successfully fished in a drawer and found the little cashmere cap I bought last summer during my American trip (rather the off season for warm hats and thus cheap). Ooh, did it feel nice on my head!

Third, as I cruised around Holborn looking for inspiration for the costume I'm going to wear to a party, I discover there is a Paul right around the corner from me! Now my lunchtime dilemma is solved for all time. To think I went to Subway today!

Four, the box office at the Gielgud let me exchange the tickets I'd bought for the 25th to the 18th, so now all of my tickets for Macbeth are on the same date - no fee and no fuss. I liked that!

Oh, heck, the big one: at the meeting I was (unfortunately) late for this morning, I proposed a different architectural solution to the problem the lead developer was trying solve, and he loved it and publicly praised me in front of everyone, then ended the meeting saying he was "glad we discussed it as it was hurting my head." Man, I love having people talk me up like that. And it's a really good sign for the job, because not only are they listening to me (which is hard enough to get people to do), they're actually grabbing good ideas and running with them instead of being territorial or defensive. So five good things today! I guess I had to get stuck on a tube platform for twenty minutes at 8:20 just to balance it all out. Maybe if things continue in the "good" mode I can get returns for Fragments at the Young Vic tonight.

And five: I finished two books in one night last night! Guermantes Way was GREAT and I can't wait to get on with Sodom and Gomorrah (insert jokes here), and Curious Incident was also very good.

By gum, my sense of despair is evaporating.

You know, I think not going into a job every day that makes me want to beat my head against a wall to relieve the sense of agony and frustration is really beginning to cheer me up. I mean, I'm just guessing. I'm sitting here writing test cases (mostly), which is kind of dull, but I feel ... kind of ... chipper. Sick, ain't it?