September 28th, 2007

Sea dragon

There's just no rhyme or reason to it all

How is it I left at the same time I did earlier this week and got in 20 minutes earlier? Collapse )

But what I really wanted to post about was this article I was referred to at work, which has the funny line, "failure in the spaghetti is controlled by defects in the pasta." It's about oddball science and I think there are a lot of people out in LJ land who would enjoy it. Anyway - happy Friday!
Sea dragon

Friday night: dance and cider

Tonight after work shadowdaddy and I looked for an outfit (for me) at the New Look near work for a party I'm probably going to tomorrow. Verdict: me too fat. Oh well. I guess if dressing as Greed is out I can always dress as Gluttony.

Then it was off to see Hofesh Schechter at Sadlers Wells, where we were joined by wechsler. Shechter still has an amazing vocabulary of male movement - I've really never seen a dance piece where the way the guys interacted with each other so accurately reflected how guys really act. It was also exciting and gorgeous and full of unexpected moments. The second piece, "In My Rooms," was difficult for me to understand and seemed a bit long. Was it about alienation or the attempt to make order from chaos, or the problems in the Palestine, or something else altogether? I saw the movement and I couldn't impose much order on it. Both of the guys thought it was great.

We had enough to talk about that we all wound up at the Charles Lamb (awesome pub), me and W working on a liter bottle of Breton cider, shadowdaddy on some Honeydew Ale. We were all pretty worn out from the week, but it was a good night. I can't wait for tomorrow, when I can sleep, sleep, sleep as long as I want.