October 8th, 2007


Need cooking advice. Mary had a little ...

My butcher ran out of lamb chops, so tonight I'm bringing home lamb steaks. How should I cook them?

(PS: also bringing home fresh cherry "toemahtoes," which got the butcher a little song from me, and some yummy looking pasta that was 60P a bag. Plan was lamb, salad, and spinach risotto, but I'm flexible ...)
Cat macro

Lamb and LOLCatz

So: it was lamb with olive oil/vinager/herbs, panfried, side of spinach with garlic and side of fresh rotelli with fresh pesto. Thanks for all of the suggestions, dinner was great! And Hoof and Mouth disease is my friend, not that it's doing the farmers any good, but hey, I'm doing my bit to drive up demand for British lamb!

Afterwards we played a quick round of Chrononauts 1776, and like the losers we are, we're reading things like this: "And Ceiling Cat sayed, Yo, Beholdt, the earths, I has it, and I has not eated it" and laughing our heads off. I need a bit of a break from The Devil in Amber anyway, but this is low humor! Not that it doesn't inspire me to write, mind you ....