October 9th, 2007

reading is fun-damental

Books ready to lend, and a book ready to read!

Well! I just managed to finish The Devil in Amber, Mark Gatiss's second Lucifer Box novel. That was fun, if fluffy. Anyone want to borrow it? I've also got my copy of The Curious Incident blah blah blah if anyone wants to read that.

And now: on to Sodom and Gomorrah! I anticipate starting reading it this very night, on the train. I feel like a nut, but I'm excited about it!
Pink poodle

This is what I get for opening the Observer

So I go to look at the news while I'm waiting to get at the microwave ...

Headline: "Posh Spice Tries on Clothes!"
Meaningful quote (from anonymous bystander): "Not everyone could wear those outfits, but somehow she manages to pull it off."

I guess I should be grateful people aren't still being killed in Iraq .. but wait, they are! Or barbarized ... but they are!

(Who knows, maybe the pink fluffy feathers are to distract us from these horrible realities. Or maybe it costs more to actually cover "news" than to send people to shoot pictures of a media-cracy like this woman.)
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I am the queen of sillinees

Tonight wechsler and shadowdaddy and I went to the Royal Opera House to see a Magic Lantern Show. This reminded J of a Sargeant Rigby's Silhouettes back in Seattle, only the pictures were gorgeous little paintings projected on a screen (many of which moved!) and with professional narration and piano playing and singing. In fact, the whole thing was mostly a highly skilled retelling of the entire Ring cycle using 19th (or even 18th!) century technology. It really appealed to my inner Luddite. It was a blast for all three of us. One more show tomorrow, if you're interested!

It also appealed to my inner Proust fan, as Proust described watching scenes projected from a lantern in his room in the first book of Remembrance - which is why I wanted to see this show. (Plus I'm just really an amazing geek.) And I got started on Sodom and Gomorrah today! I only made it to page six, but hey, I'll be reading this until January (at my usual rate), so it's not like there's any rush.

Also: furniture I might like, if there website weren't so damned unnavigable.

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