October 12th, 2007

Sea dragon

I know I've been complaining about the public transportation system for a while

See, for the record, in America riding the subway is way more fun. All the time. Everywhere. (Not entirely safe for work but no nudity or anything.)

And thanks to W for my new icon, from the sign outside of the Tea Palace. It is pretty grand, isn't it?

And no B-movie tonight - I'm actually trying to make some new friends so I'm having some folks I met about two months ago over for dinner. I'm slow!

For anyone who's interested: the Royal Opera House put their winter shows on sale to the general public yesterday. For the budget conscious, this includes a series of shows called "Firsts," three programs of music and dance shorts for only five pounds a pop. We're going on Wednesday the 28th. We also got 11 pound tickets to see the ballet Tales of Beatrix Potter (we're going to the Jan 8th performance) as well as, er, not quite as cheap tickets to see Pinocchio on December, er, 22nd, figuring nobody will be up to much that night.

Finally, we're going to see a one hour/one act opera called Rita on October 19th at 7 PM for a delightful 12 quid. Again, join us if you'd like - I just couldn't bother getting all organized and jumped on the tickets when I saw they were available last night.

Oh, and ultra finally, some of the London Film Festival events that were sold out have extra allocations going on sale at 9:30 tonight. I am going to try to get tickets to Persepolis, The Barker, and Tonight and Every Night, don't you know it!
Sea dragon

Hurray for trying to make changes

It's been a month to the day since I left my old job. I have put in four weeks at my current job, and time has flown by. I feel so much less stressed out (even though I realize I'm a bit bored today) and upbeat, and I'm remembering what a ball of energy I am when I'm feeling good about things and feeling like people actually care about what I have to say. It makes me try harder and makes me care about doing it right, about my work, about everything.

So hurray for leaving my old job. It was a great decision. I absolutely did the right thing and I have no regrets.

(This is in part why I hate listening to people complain, because when they complain I want to give them ideas about how to fix the things that are making them complain, and then they think I'm irritating. It's just my way, though: change the things that make you unhappy, if you can. I do provide sympathy when needed, though, because some things make you happy and they can't be changed.)

To entertain you: why people read email wrong (lack of emotional input) and good design for cats.
Sea dragon

I have six kinds of tequila in my house

Maybe it's more. I only tried three tonight. It seems like a lot. I can't feel my face now.

Robin and Dan were nice. Robin is funny and a good game player, total good vibes, nice to hang with. Dan is sweet and there may be theater intros happening. We sent them home with a vegetarian cookbook; they left the Grand Marnier here (for the margs, don't you know).

Decidedly a good Friday. I probably shold have stayed out of the bottle with the ceramic jug. Three cheers for home made salsa and guacamole.