October 18th, 2007

Sea dragon

A gorgeous sunny autumn day - Ko Murobushi review - cool synchronicity

Wow, it looks great out today. It's supposed to be my Pilates lunch day, though I'd enjoy sitting outside in the park and eating lunch rather a lot.

Commute today had me in at a respectable time although the 8:22 train to Waterloo was packed like a can of sardines. I was smart and got my book out before I got on the train and managed to read it all of the way in. To my extrememe pleasure, Kage Baker mentioned not just "an office block on Gray's Inn Road" (ooh! just around the corner), but ... cyborg company operatives "no further away than Theobald's Road." How exciting! That's the street I work on! Maybe they're in my office! (Well, except it's 300 years in the future, but one can dream.)

The Ko Murobushi show at the Place last night was pretty cool, but it's hard to explain to people what was good about a Butoh show. "Er, a naked guy coated in silvery paint crawled across the floor for half an hour, then he stood up? The climax was him throwing sand around?" We were tranfixed by his utter control of his body - it was like moving sculpture - and I liked the way he felt so fragile, somehow, despite being obviously so strong. He made the Butoh dance troop I saw in Seattle look really ... I don't know, jejeune or something. It seems to me that there's a certain quality of good Butoh, that it feels "sincere" somehow - I'm not sure how to express it. But we thought it was good, and the house was sold out, so apparently there are more than 12 people that like Butoh in London, just not any among my circle of friends.

Work now, check in with y'all later, unless you're coming to the play with me tonight, in which case, see you at Inn Noodle for dinner at 6.