October 19th, 2007


The Patrick Stewart "Macbeth"

First, no matter what you might think, tickets are still available for this magnificent show.

Second, after spending the night thinking about what I've just seen, I have to say ... it's worth paying full price for this show. This isn't "Patrick Stewart's Macbeth," it's a fantastic, top-quality production of Macbeth that was so good at one point I heard the entire audience holding its collective breath for three minutes. I had goosebumps several times - never has the element of the supernatural in this play read more clearly. And this was also a play about evil, and it was very dark, even all the way up in the £20 seats.

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And the cast was good - the WHOLE cast (well, maybe not the ten year old girl), so this wasn't Patrick Stewart's "Macbeth" at all, like a lot of pathetic, celebrity-driven shows here. (Jessica Lange's The Glass Menagerie proved you could ruin an excellenet script with weak casting.) The minor characters all had life - I mean, I saw them doing things on stage that made me think about them, and then they'd blossom to life later and be just as real as if the show had been about them. I remember seeing this done by a "Shakespeare in the park" group back home and it was all muddled who was who - but this was not the case last night.

Anyway, if you've been reading about how this is "the greatest Macbeth ever" or "the Macbeth of a generation" or some such overenthusiastic twaddle ... I can't say whether or not it was true, but I can say this is a truly great show. (I also enjoyed the company of spikeylady, shadowdaddy, robot_mel, Mr. Mel, and wechsler - especially because now we can enthuse together and use it as a touchpoint for discussing how good or not other shows we see are.)

Four stars, baby. Go get your tickets now or join the people who said, "Yeah, I could have seen it, but ..."

PS: I just panicked and bought four tickets for the Stephen Frye Cinderella at the Old Vic for December 26th at 2:30, seats E17-E14. Anyone else want to book for that date? The seats in the main part of the house appear to be already sold out so I couldn't wait to organize everyone who might want to book, plus lots of people (including envoy, who's organizing folks on his own) can't go that week. Let me know if you do - though of course you should book your own seats - and wechsler and butterbee, we are good to go!

The spam marches on

Just got some spam from "Sherri U. Self ."

That's cute, especially since it went right into my spam folder on Yahoo. Now if only they could filter everything else so effectively ...