October 22nd, 2007

Morning cuppa

"I wake up in the morning, stumble out of bed ..."

Proust (Sodom and Gomorrah) is currently at page 72. Anyone want to borrow my Mark Gatiss Devil in Amber?

I feel a bit disoriented being at work today. I think part is the fact of the six day week with mad rush the five days before the Saturday; and then there's the fact I released my first product to live and I'm supposed to turn immediately around and start to work on the one that's going out in November. I haven't really had time to catch my breath and I'm not sure what to do first, write test cases (that are all supposed to be done, only I didn't have enough time the first time), finish my test report (it was supposed to be done Friday before we went live, only no one ever has time to do it then), or start testing the new project, which is sitting around waiting for me this very minute. I guess I'll try to do everything, somehow.

I haven't heard from my sister for more than a month. Time for a call or something.

Movie tonight, Asphalt, a 1920s silent, at the NFT. Hopefully my date will be well enough to go with me - anyone want to sign up to be a backup?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! (Talking turkey)

How cool, the Seattle Times did a nice article on heritage breed turkeys this week! I got mine from that supplier for several years.

I wonder where I'll be getting my turkey from this year? What I'd like best is if I could choose from several suppliers. Last year's was from Kelly Turkeys, but perhaps there's another place to get old breed turkeys from here ... not like I might expect to find Narragansett, the Bourbon Reds, or Jersey Buffs here ...
Sea dragon

Silent Movie Good

So ... I went by myself to a silent movie, meaning I'm two for two for unused tickets in the last week. (I guess 2 for 3 as everyone showed up for Macbeth.) I did manage to strike up quite a conversation with an elderly gentleman, though, so I was able to sit and talk about silent movies for some time over a glass of wine he bought for me. It was fun! We're supposed to go see some movies at some point in the future, but nearly every show in the Barbican's silent movie series is on a date I already have plans! Well, who knows, January will be here soon enough.

Anyway, Asphalt was pretty good, nice sets and costuming, occasionally sparkly brilliant cinematography. In my mind it was kind of a fantasy version of Carmen, in which she goes, "Oh noes! I am ruining your happy bourgeouis life" and fesses up to her bad deeds to save her man - pretty unrealistic, of course, but, well, whatever, she should have let him go to jail!