October 31st, 2007

Morning cuppa

Dog shoots man!

I realize this isn't as funny as dog bites man, but thought it was worth sharing.

I'm getting together my application for a conference in Florida next May (5-9, Orlando Florida). I'd love it if I could go present a paper on testing!

We're also kind of debating going to Goa in January - we could stay for a week there with airfare for less than it would cost just to fly to New York. And it will be 90 degrees (40 C?), which sounds heavenly. Of course I could just be fooling myself in a desperate reaction against the change over to standard time.

I almost managed to have a decent cup of tea this morning - I have good water, tea, a tea ball, and the Spanish travel kettle - but I forgot to bring a plug converter to make it work with British power supply. Boo! I had the kettle full of water and everything and discovering the plug wouldn't fit in the wall was a bit of a let down. Meanwhile, back home one of my squeeze-open tea balls said goodbye to its top half yesterday, and I felt a bit like I was burying a loyal soldier as I tossed it in the trash. Farewell, my friend, we had many good times together!
reading is fun-damental

For my word geek friends: colors

I was distracted at work today by a test data item that looked like this: "Rose position is available here for an excellent rose candidate with experience in matters that require rose colours. We do not discriminate between applicants who have rose shoes, although interviews are being carried out in the rose room with preferential treatment for candidates dressed in rose clothes."

This made me laugh (QA people in general being easily amused by anything that shows a wee bit of humor in the test data set). It turns out it's a string designed to test word overusage ("keyword abuse"), and the tester who wrote it said she had run out of colors to put into the template.

Well! I am a font of knowledge in this area, thanks to reading all of those Andrew Lang fairy books oh so long ago (Crimson Fairy book, anyone? Scarlet? How about .... olive?), and I did a bit of searching online to see if I could come up with some more colors. I did, and how. I particularly enjoyed the various links on The Phrontistery, which included lists of carriages, carts and chariots (many of which appear in Proust and are ignored by me, as I don't know the difference between a phaeton and a brougham and don't care to interrupt the flow of the story to work it out) as well as a list of words about words (navel gazing, anyone)?

Anyway, I've sent the list on to her, but I thought there might be a few people out there who would enjoy seeing words like "sloe," "jessamy," and "vermilion" explained in print ... who wouldn't?

What I also read today that some of you might find interesting: tigers in India now below viability numbers (and that articles about Sumatran tigers, sorry I can't find the other), the shameful story about how single mothers were treated "back in the day" (to think that even a 40 year old could be forced to give up her child!), and a journal of a woman who used to work for the Guardian who just died of breast cancer. She was only 44.