November 4th, 2007

Sea dragon

This Beatles' song never winds up on karaoke lists

"Your day breaks, your mind aches,
You find that all her words of kindness linger on,
When she no longer needs you.
She wakes up, she makes up,
She takes her time and doesn’t feel she has to hurry,
She no longer needs you.
And in her eyes you see nothing,
No sign of love behind the tears cried for no one,
A love that should have lasted years."

Et cetera. I managed to sing a horrid version of ABC's "Poison Arrow," a similarly mutilated "People Will Say We're in Love" (freaking intro!), a passable "Dear Prudence," and a pleasing "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." I did not manage to sing "Sukiyaki" or "88 Lines about 44 Women" or "When You're Good to Mama," but since I got to dance with djm while julietk was singing "It's A Sin" (and I had buttered popcorn), all my failures will ultimately be forgotten "like tears in rain" and replaced with memories of fun, like watching shadowdaddy do back up guitar (with the Guitar Hero axe) for jhg's "Won't Get Fooled Again." (And do people really not know "As" was originally by Stevie Wonder?)

Got pissed off in a Chinese food restaurant (David Wong's Chinese Restaurant) near the Tooting Broadway tube station when they came back and told us our order wasn't hitting their per person minimum and we needed to get appetizers to flesh the order out. I was furious and walked out, and then they stuck shadowdaddy and wechsler with the food I'd ordered before they said we needed to ordered more and I decided to leave rather than pay for food I wasn't hungry enough to eat. Fuckers. Like it isn't criminal enough that they're charging $4 for a plate of plain rice.

The three of us went earlier to see Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox at the Barbican as part of the Korean Film Festival (animated movie day). It had a lot of sloppiness to the translation and occasionally weak animation (mostly bad proportions), but it was cute and the story was very interesting and at the very end it did something I really wanted to see happen, which was that it totally slipped off of the Western story telling plane and did some freaky assed stuff that had jack to do with my culture and had absolutely no explanation at all and was totally cool. Killer bunny spirits feeding soul-birds in their little cages, that rocked.

Oh yeah, and I missed my sister tonight, because I wanted to hear her singing some Stevie Wonder. I really need to give her a call.
London Biker

It's completely gorgeous out today

I woke up (after 9 hours of restful sleep) to discover that it's GORGEOUS out today - sunny skies, russet leaves, nice fat river reflecting it all. So my plans for the day have changed. Instead of organizing things around going to see a movie at the Barbican at six, I will organize them around going to Hyde Park so we can walk around in the leaves (and see the Matthew Barney exhibit, pretentious twat though he may be, as it is closing soon). This may involve riding my bike. I mean, our bikes, you know, 'cause it's not like I'd be doing this alone. :-)

The other plans for the day involve 1) food and 2) cleaning. I am going to have some kind of spicy sausage potato hash thing for breakfast and before I leave I'll get that roast in the oven that I bought at the butcher's on Friday. We also need to do laundry, laundry, laundry and put clothes, clothes, clothes away, but I'll stress over the particular order in which we do that later.

Boy, I'd REALLY like to do stuff before it clouds over again like it did yesterday. Breakfast first, LJ later!
Sea dragon

Memories from my old life

Back in the day I was friends with a boy named Jeffrey who was a poet getting his MFA at Arizona State in Tempe. His apartment was on Farmer street, next to the railroad tracks, and I'd ride by it all the time on my way to my shared house on 12th Street. He had long blond hair and was good looking in a skinny boy kind of way and always had really good vibes. he seemed to have a regular stream of pretty girlfriends and the man smoked the stuff like there was no tomorrow (or his funding would never run out).

I know I used to drop in and visit him all the time, which isn't surpring in a neighborhood where people would just leave their doors open. You knew who was home. And today I found a song that I used to hear at his place all the time, on a record of really old reggae songs. I think I was there the very first time he played it.

He bounced around all excited about what a great song this was, and he's right, it is a great song, so good that twenty years later I could still hum it to my self. "He's got-a barb wire in his underpants, got-a barb war in his underpants ..." Of course, these days with all of the random metal in body parts you could about imagine this song being about something else, but we know what it's really about.
London Biker

I have once again totally wasted a Sunday and it was GREAT

The bike ride to Hyde Park was really great. Walking around in the leaves in the park was also great, and I noticed that, because the foliage is a lot thinner, you can see the views of the park better. There were a lot of people out and it was ... I don't know, I felt like I could feel the pages of history passing by me, if that makes any sense, even though with the girls picnicking out of their plastic Sainsbury's bags and the Muslim woman walking by talking on her cellphone it was all very here and now. We got a snackie snack at the pavillion next to the Serpentine and ate it while watching people puttering around on boats on the lake.

Matthew Barney at the Serpentine gallery: God, that man is always good for a laugh. Anyone that has to explain their art that hard is just trying to be deliberately obtuse. I found the video of him bouncing off of a trampoline so he could make little marks on a wall just a big fat ball of comedy. He does make me wish for my beloved Clyfford Still with his belief that people who will understand his art will and that he didn't need to sit around and explain everything. Matthew Barney desperately needs a little more mystery in his work and a little less, "Hey, this is the digestive system! Get it? The digestive system! I'm consuming and excreting!" Somehow it all comes off a little Bart Simpson, though I quail to think of what he would do with industrial quantities of Vaseline.

We made it home in good time (conclusion: I won't be biking to work, it's too far for me to go with a time deadline) and raced to the grocery stores (they close at 5!) to get the ingredients for tonight's dinner. I'm apparently a shopping whiz now as I made it in and out in thirty minutes. Now we're folding laundry and watching the internet go up and down and waiting for the roast to finish up. I'm serving it with a side of slightly Italian not-exactly turnip greens, which will be made with a bit of hot pepper; I think it will be very good.

What will we be doing this time next year? Got only knows. I am amused that today is the birthday of both trishpiglet and motomotoyama, who perhaps have far more in common than I might have ever expected of two people born on the same day. Oh, those Scorpios!