November 6th, 2007


Where was my intelligent thought?

It's gorgeous outside today. Fall is taking it's time this year. I'm glad it's not too cold outside, but more than happy to leave summer behind (except for the shortening days). I will be unable to resist the urge to go out to lunch.

It's election time back home and I've actually managed to get my ballot in. I'm almost a pure Stranger ticket voter, though I couldn't handle voting for Jean Godden even if she was the only one on City Council who told Mayor Nickels to stick it. Supposedly he's creating a Dubya style "ignore the legislative branch" government in Seattle - couldn't say I didn't see it coming. I'm also voting against the transportation taxes - too much freaking money for roads and the Sound Transit expansion to Tacoma is just stupid. Why can't they wrest control of the rails away from the money sucking freight companies and actually develop a decent train system? I despair.

I've also put in a special request to a friend who's moving here for a solid influx of Mexican groceries. Just looking at the website where they were selling this stuff was making me drool last night. I've completely run out of tomatillo sauce and red enchilada sauce. I sure hope he comes through! I've also got several cookbooks on order - with luck shadowdaddy will come back from the states with the raw power needed to keep my food going for years!

GlenGarry Glen Ross; and Thai food

Tonight shadowdaddy, wechsler and souldier_blue and I caught Glengarry Glen Ross at The Apollo. This is a modern American classic, a parallel with Death of a Salesman (I think, though not in that total A+ class, more of an A-). I've wanted to see it ever since J and I read it in the one class we took together in college (I took it so I could hang out with him, aren't I nauseating?), and ... well, at the time, I just couldn't understand how the dialogue fit together, and I've wanted to see it on stage ever since.

I've found the script online so you can see what I mean, but basically people are interrupting each other left and right and sometimes they talk as if they expect someone to interrupt them, but they don't, and ... well, as I thought, it made a lot more sense with actual people doing it.

While some things didn't translate so well (Lordie, the rant about "Indian" people, that was really icky to hear spoken to a London audience), the energy and desperation carried through pretty well, I think, and unlike a few other shows I've seen (Boeing Boeing, Awake and Sing), the actors really seemed at home in their American accents.

But WOW, I just have to quote the most SCATHING dressdown I've ever seen someone get on stage so you can appreciate it. Collapse )

Wow! The audience was so NERVOUS after that scene was done! It was great.

Uh ... we all went for dinner before hand at the Thai food place that was written up in the paper for having a chile cooking incident get reported as a chemical spill. Thai Cottage, Soho, YUM. Pre-theater special, 5.50 for curry AND rice (or noodles). My chicken red curry, FABULOUS. You know it's going to be good when grandma's in the dining room peeling the garlic.