November 9th, 2007

Sea dragon

Busy trying to cram a lot of work in 5 hours

Of course I had to come in late today as I had a perfect connection yesterday. This morning: ten minute wait for a train to show up to Putney Bridge, and of course I couldn't get on it or the next or the next, so I was on the platform until about 8:50, which is pure silliness. I gave up and got a bacon and egg sammie on my way in as it was now hardly possible for me to be any later. At least I called and there is no doubt I've made my minimum hourse this week.

It looks like we've waited too long to get the good deals to Goa (the £350 trip I saw earlier this week). Darn.

I've got three books in my bag for my trip to Portugal: Jo Clayton's Fire in the Sky, Connie Willis and Cynthia Felice's Light Raid, and Brideshead Revisted, which I'm reading because I think it's one of the central elements of the Jasper Fforde book I'd like to start if I can't get the actual next one in the series. It may turn out it's actually Cold Comfort Farm - I ought to figure out before I've got too far into this thing. I felt like I missed a lot of jokes in The Eyre Affair as I had never read Jane Eyre. Meanwhile, Marcel is taking the weekend off as he weighs as much as the other the books combined. I also realized I'm nearly at the halfway point for the current Remembrance so I'm not feeling too pressured to drag it along.

I supposed no one wants to join my NaNoReadMo group this year and talk about all of the good literature you're reading this month? nanoreadmo - it's been lonely, but since I'm not feeling pressured by reading about the grand accomplishments of all of the actual writers on my list, I'm expecting none of you are, either.

And let's hear it for making it to payday without running out of money (as we did this month) and for being able to have the gas (gasp!) and electricity (gasp!) bill both finally show up after a two or three month break - and having enough money to pay them without panicking. What an improvement over this time last year.