November 13th, 2007

Sea dragon

Various thought from the New York Times

From an article on happiness, proof that I am not alone: "Happiness seems fairly cheap to manipulate. In one experiment, subjects were asked to answer a questionnaire about personal satisfaction after Xeroxing a sheet of paper. Those who found a dime lying on the Xerox machine reported substantially higher satisfaction with their lives."

Another article on happiness, this time at work: "People who said they felt generally supported by their colleagues and could lean on co-workers in a time of crisis were spared the rigors of job stress."

Much less cheerful, from Frank Rich: "[Look] what pathetic crumbs the Democrats will settle for after all these years of being beaten down. The judges and lawyers challenging General Musharraf have more fight left in them than this. (God, so true.)

Not enough time in the day? Stop using IM, dial down your email, and pick up a phone. (I like the idea of quitting my job and studying horseback archery in Japan, too, but that may not be for everyone.)