November 14th, 2007


All of my biorythms are down

Well, that was an evening of top-notch bad.

First, I was at Sfizio until 8 PM, but due to the heavy discussion I was having, I never got to eat dinner.

Then I went to Waterloo, and waited for a train for 20 minutes, watching as one after another got cancelled or delayed.

I finally gave up and took the tube home, only to discover (on the train) that the cross stitch I'd done on the plane, about an hour of it, had all been done in the wrong color and needed to be picked out.

I got home and realized that after shadowdaddy had taken my key off of the chain to get a new one cut (which didn't work), he hadn't replaced the working key. I had no key at all. So I was locked out of my apartment. After twenty minutes of frantic calling (he was in Camden watching a concert and not able to get home for an hour and a half, wechsler was unreachable), a neighbor pointed out I could call the porter - whom for a mere 50 pounds would come unlock my door - after he drove half an hour to get here.


I was actually able to get into my flat, thanks to the kindness of the building manager (who lives in this block of flats and doesn't go out much), but I never had dinner, and then I slept really, really poorly all night. Huzzah. Welcome to Wednesday.
Proust book

Proust update: and other reading notes

Well, I've made it to page 232, despite not taking Sodom and Gomorrah with me to Lisbon this weekend. (Of course, Sodom and Gomorrah travel with me everywhere I go, but that's a different matter.) He's just finished a major attempt to screw with his girlfriend's head. Wow, telling someone that you like someone else and and you want to break up with them so you can make them like you more, is this tactic really so old? A slightly clipped quote from page 224:

All I was doing was to make more apparent the binary rhythm that love assumes in all who are too unsure of themselves to believe that a woman can ever love them, and also that they can truly love her. [It's a problem for many other people ....] Their sense of their own instability even increases their mistrust as to whether this woman, by whom they would like so much to be loved, loves them. Why should chance so order it, that we should be the object of those [desires] that she feels?

I also finally finished Connie Willis's Light Raid, which was a real treat (not a meal but a tasty sandwich). She wrote another book with this author, and I'll have to see about picking that up, too.

I am not awake yet.

Tonight I'm going to see Tsai Ming Liang's Rebels of the Neon God with shadowdaddy at the BFI at 6:20 - anyone else want to go?

That was a good evening: movie and drinks with friends

Well, after work shadowdaddy and I trotted over to the BFI to catch Tsai Ming Liang's Rebels of a Neon God. It was - disjointed and bizarre and really enjoyable, but not the kind of thing you'd want to go to with someone who didn't like "hard" cinema. I mean, there was very little dialogue, and a lot of showing and, shall we say, letting YOU, the audience member, think about what things meant. I did enjoy the elevator that went to floor Four (Death in Chinese) every time someone stepped into it, and the wonderful atmosphere of the apartment that was constantly being flooded through a drain - on the eighth floor.

Afterwards we trotted over to London Bridge, where we met up with spikeylady, julietk, bathtubgin and lilithmagna at Tas. God, I can't say how great it was to be with a group of truly my very favorite people in London, and all on a weeknight. Sure, yes, bring on more wine, and yeah, why not pour another glass. Of course we were all together because of spikeylady's bad news today, but I feel she was well on the road to Whatever by the time I made it there.

Home, tired, life is good, etc., and I really must get some sleep. Hoping to see Human Computer at the Battersea Arts Center tomorrow - anyone interested in going (if it's not actually sold out)?
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