November 19th, 2007

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The Internets R broken

We are probably going to have a very productive Sunday once we finally get off the couch. Call or text if you want to get ahold of us. I expect I'll be going to see The Wayward Cloud at 4 or 630 if anyone else wants to go.

Nice night playing Ticket to ride with J and W last night (J kicked our butts), though I was too tired to do much besides eat pizza - and read Charlaine Harris' Dead by Dawn, a Southern vampire detective novel my brother left here for me, which I'm loving.
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Missing post from yesterday?

Hmm, looks like my phone post saying "The Internets R Broken" never made it online yesterday. I'll resend it, why not (it may even show up before I finish writing this). This article captures the depth of my suffering: Bootcamp for breaking internet addiction! (But really, it was frustrating because we were supposed to book some vacations and buy Christmas presents, and I really didn't want to do that over the internet connection I can get on my phone.)

At any rate, I never left the house yesterday, really (it was just too cold) and we never got an internet connection going, thus leaving us forced to read books (I finished Dead Until Dawn, thanks to irrationalrobot for a book good enough to orient my weekend around), play games (Hunters and Gatherers, shadowdaddy continued his winning streak), and cook (pleased to say shadowdaddy made his - or rather the New York Times' - meatballs, perfect for feeding my uncle when he arrives Tuesday night).

I got a kick out of the link to the Lolinator in the Metro today. Here's my Saturday blog entry:Collapse )
I suspect once this gets around LJ he'll be needing cohosting to handle the load ...

Forget about the weather

Right, so I had my second review with my boss, and he says I'm doing great ...

I had a yummy toffee hot chocolate at Starbucks, bought by a coworker ...

My lovely husband came by work and gave me some money so I wasn't flat broke ...

I just got a half hour massage ...

I have almost no work to do today, absolutely no pressure, and have been looking for vacation destinations for a week off in January ...

This is the best day of the week! I love Mondays!

PS: And I'm now going to see Kiki and Herb on December 17th with booklectic, YAY! Boozy Christmas cheer, hurrah!
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Links from the NY Times and elsehere

Right, I'm having a quiet day. First, from an article I missed, about cooking in Naples, Pasta With Potatoes. (Vegegarians, skip the ham.)

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Second, a great interview with Joan Jett in today's Guardian. Listen to her speak: "It's hard to imagine, now, the resistance," she says. "It wasn't only about girls and rock'n'roll but also my image was so much harder than other girls in rock'n'roll, with the black hair and the leather jacket. We still have all the rejection letters; 23 of them." The labels gave a variety of reasons: "They'd say, 'You have no songs'," Jett gives a lop-sided smirk, "and the tape we sent had I Love Rock'n'Roll, Crimson and Clover, Do You Wanna Touch Me and Bad Reputation. So they didn't only miss one, they missed four hits ... And we'd get a lot of, 'Drop the guitar, stop hiding behind the guitar, change your image, sing softer songs.' It was you're not allowed to be edgy and you're not allowed to be hard if you're a girl." She looks puzzled. "I'm so confused about that." I want to see her now so much.