November 24th, 2007


Lordy, have I seen enough shows in the last few days?

I'm pleased to say shadowdaddy found a meat thermometer while he was out today (thanks, envoy!), though there was a bombing out in the pie pan department. We've decided to use the Emile Henri pan, and somehow deal with the fact that one can of pumpkin will only fill the pie half way. I think a coating of whipped cream will take care of everything, and it made a lot more sense than trying to unpeel the chocolate pecan pie from its pan so we could reuse it.

I should stay up and cook more stuff but I'm awfully tired already. I'll have to come up with a good game plan tomorrow about what should go in the oven when, but I won't really bother with that until I've cooked up the stuffing.

The house is going to be very full and I'm feeling quite sad about no longer living in a house where I had plentiful folding chairs, three dining tables, and two card tables (oh, the game parties I used to have!). wendolen is hopefully getting good use out of my old table and chairs. wechsler has kindly offered to bring over another folding chair tomorrow, so we should have just enough.

As usual I've panicked and thought I should just cancel everything twice today and asked, "Why do I do this to myself?" Fortunately knowing a bunch of people are going to show up at my house and will decidedly notice if I am cowering in my room under a pile of cookbooks keeps me honest, or at least moving forward.

I made it out of the house to see Parade at the Donmar, which bills itself as "A New Musical." Well, it isn't really new, and it's actually more of an opera, given the heavy subject matter and lack of tap dancing. It was a way more satisfying experience than Billy Elliot, and yet it was obvious why Billy is getting the filled-to-the-rafters houses. To be honest, I think every standing spot at the Donmar was filled tonight, but, still, it's a tiny house. Every performance was quite good, but ... I just couldn't get into the rather esoteric subject matter. I'm more interested in internal struggle rather than historical moments, and that of the characters in this play was just too slight. That said, the "character definition and story telling through music" was far stronger than last night, and, to be honest, the dancing was better, too. But Venus as a Boy is still winning my prize for best play of the fall - the perfect combination of actor and storytelling. (Macbeth is a great night at the theater, but it didn't make me care as much as Venus did.)

Magic Flute the movie, Magic Flute the Play, and King Lear on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday ... this uncle of mine will leave me a mere husk before he departs!

Thanksgiving countdown: T minus 7

Okay, I went from being turned down by at least five people (and looking like I was going to have dinner for, er, four, not worth bothering in my book) to having far more people say yes than I expected, and it's all just gotten out of control. I need a second TABLE and chairs, but there's a coffee table in the living room and we will just make do.

shadowdaddy has made the deep dish pumpkin pie and it's time for me to get to work on the stuffing. He's also making be breakfast. I like that. :-)

I get the feeling I should make another side dish. Eek!

T- 10 minutes (but not really)

So it's ten til six and my guests seem to substantially be here (missing one person but I don't know if she's coming), and they're all entertaining each other in the living room. I successfully kept them out of the dining room by strategically placing Portuguese cheeses, crackers, and the fresh onion dip (and pita crackers that I made) in the living room. I hear lots of laughs, so clearly they're not starving away while I'm trying to convince the squash to get baked and making the stuffing for it. spikeylady and ciphergoth are wearing their dodgiest t-shirts, which I didn't notice at all and am sure my uncle will say nothing about if he does, but it's amusing nonetheless.

Right, back to the stove. Dinner looks like it's going to be at about 7 now.

Another Thanksgiving in the bag

Well, that went well. spikeylady, ciphergoth, bathtubgin (who decided this morning that she was free after all, and it was lovely to have her come by), booklectic, dr_d, and Holly (who was very good until about ten minutes into dinner, when she was done for the night (though not actually particularly "bad" or anything), and who gave off good energy all night even if she wouldn't fit in the oven), wechsler and my uncle all joined us. I think everyone had a good time, though we never even really got around to the pie as we were all exhausted, me and J from cooking, everyone else from running the stall at the Christmas Fair.

Okay, I'm really just too tired to even be posting right now. I'm going to do a little Christmas shopping and collapse as soon as I've made sure all of the food is put away. I'll deal with dishes tomorrow.