November 27th, 2007

Morning cuppa

Vacation in the crapper; King Lear comments; me also feeling crap.

Well, I was up coughing and didn't get to bed until about 1. The cough syrup my uncle bought for me was the "daytime" version, and I think it had extra added caffeine, or something, because it had kept me up the night before. This means day two with not enough sleep and I'm going to be a mess at the South African Magic Flute tonight. Bah. My enthusiasm is also dampened by having just seen Kenneth Branagh's Magic Flute (the movie) at the Barbican on Sunday. It was long and while the I enjoyed being able to hear all of the lyrics (which were apparently quite "adapted" from the original) - as they were sung in English - it just didn't really have any sparkle for me. Movie magic? Only in my head. Maybe I just don't like opera and should stop trying.

Last night was what shall be known as the Ian McKellan King Lear at the New London Theater (where my uncle saw Cats "back when they were just kittens"), which the three of us saw with wechsler. I wish I could go on and on about how brilliant it was, but it was as brilliant as a Lexus or something - really well designed but not, somehow, compelling. Yeah, Sir Ian handled Lear's entire mental arc very nicely, but I just didn't really care. I was bizarrely caught up in the Gloucester story, which, truth (and uncle) be told, could have been utterly excised and left the plot intact. It was neat to really catch Cordelia's humiliation, and Goneril and Regan were just brilliantly evil, but ... I don't know. We had good seats. I was not moved. (wechsler was moved to leave during intermission due to post-new-flat exhaustion. I was a bit sorry I hadn't just been able to scalp his ticket, but there you go.) Also, it appears "the second Doctor" or some such was in this show as the Jester, but I don't know one from the other and didn't buy a program. At the end there was a bit of a standing ovation, but I'm not going to clap for Sir Ian because he's Sir Ian, I would only clap for the actor who played Lear last night, and he was good, but he didn't move me. Maybe the show's just been running for so long that it's lost all of its energy. God only knows I've lost most of mine.

Given the lack of travelling companion for my weekend away, I've cancelled my Monday off work and decided to stay here. Would anyone like to go out with me Saturday night to see Gekidan Kaitaisha's "Bye Bye Reflection," "a harsh and critical portrayal of war, violence and prejudice inspired by the terrorist attacks of 11 September?" (They were written up in the Metro today, if the name rings a bit of a bell.) I think I can get free tickets, at least per the letter I got in the mail from Riverside two days ago. Let me know.

My paper progresses

I just got a call from Lee Copeland, one of the top 5 quality assurance gurus in the United States.

My paper has made it to the "maybe" pile (and not the other pile, the "no way in hell" pile - there are only two!). I may get to speak at a conference! EEEEEEE!