November 28th, 2007


In which Theater wins the battle

I gave up and called the Royal Opera House and gave them back all of my tickets for tonight. I'll get some money back for them as the show's sold out, but, well, in the never ending battle of Me versus The Theater, Theater won and I'm the one who gave up and went home. After a week of going out every night EXCEPT for the night I cooked dinner for 10 (11?) and with the cold (since last Wednesday, I chose not to whinge about it here mostly) AND with basically working non-stop all weekend (cooking all of one day, cleaning up the other), I am just worn out. Worn out, I tell you. I am having a glass of port right now and we are considering having spaghetti for dinner - just something simple and in no way related to turkey.

shadowdaddy and I met on Oxford street during my lunch today and did some Christmas present shopping for the folks back home. Tonight we'll probably wrap presents and he'll pack for his trip to the states. I'd like to write up the South African Magic Flute we saw last night, as it was my favorite of the five shows I saw in the last week, but I'd rather not be online too much, unless I'm working on planning our January trip or doing budgety stuff.

Josh, my former Tripadelic coworker, got in touch today. He has indeed finally made it over to England, though only as of yesterday (will enchilada sauce follow? I shall see ...), and is still lagged pretty hard. I am now planning to spend a lot of my weekend hanging out with him, starting at around 1 on Saturday, when I'll toodle up to his temporary digs on Notting Hill. He'll be my date for the Japanese dance thing that night. Sunday we might go do a day trip, preferably to Bath so I can buy some Christmas tat presents, but we'll see depending on how the weather is and so on and so forth.

Well, I don't know. Maybe I can spare five sentences for Magic Flute: shadowdaddy is getting a big fat LJ fix right now so there's no rush ...

Despite its somewhat sincere looking ads, Impempe Yomlingo is a Magic Flute well worth catching. First, the music is a blast - mostly performed on marimbas (I think it was about a ten marimba orchestra), but also with trumpets and even filled glass bottles - making the stiff sounds of some 200 years past come through fresh sounding and, well, pleasant on their own merits. The show was about 75% in English, and far more intelligible (even in South African) than most operas. More importantly, it was emotionally engaging, in part because several sub-plots and some of the more boring songs were cut out. The Queen of the Night had a gravitas (scary murderous powerful mom!) that Kenneth Branagh's "psycho Tinkerbell" totally lacked; Papagena's pink camoflage had tears running down my cheek. There were disco lights and dancing and people singing in chorus songs that had been formerly sung alone. I highly recommend it!

Right, now he says he's killing time on LJ waiting for me, and my glass of port is now my second and nearly empty again. Time for spagetti.