December 9th, 2007


It's beautiful, and so are you

It was so appropriate that the sun was breaking through the clouds right as I arrived in Clapham to meet shadowdaddy and help him drag the bags back to Putney.

We had a nice catchup breakfast at The Railway once we got back in town. Someone's Oyster had expired and ... well, I'll let him tell you about that.

Meanwhile, we've gone through the luggage, and man, it is just like Father Christmas arriving with his bags full of presents, many from his mom, some, well, from me to me courtesy of Lands End and LL Bean. There was maple syrup, Junior Mints, lipstick, books and more books (lots of Tex-Mex cookbooks and many novels by Charlaine Harris), a Shafford Black Cat teapot (from Ebay), jammies, boots, sweaters, Peep Snowmen (for hot chocolate), and ... an escape ladder that's good for up to the third story. Um. Nice try, that one. And shadowdaddy got a new camera, as his broke while he was there. :-)

Now we're going to see about getting everything put away and doing some laundry, and, I think, getting the Christmas tree put up. Yay! He's back!

Tin Tin and Golden Compass reviews

I did actually get a little blog thrown together last week, on Wordpress. The folks I like so much, The West End Whingers, are there. I'm going to stuff all of my old theater reviews in there and see about promoting it hither and yon, such as having it be the blog I refer to officially at work. And hey, if I blow this joint, I'll have a home.

I am currently drooling over these boots, charming little red patent leather WATERPROOF ankle height things I'd love to see come my way (especially as they're available in wide, well, I think they are, anyway). It's too perfect that they're called "Trish." (Hmm, looks like they're not available in wide, so I'll settle for the Palmina, which is, but is still too expensive.)

Okay, er, I'm having a hard time writing about Tin Tin, or, more properly, Herge's Adventures of Tintin, which I saw last night at the Playhouse (which I think has been showing Dirty Dancing or something for a while). Collapse )Josh fell asleep at one point, and I was mostly more concerned about what had happened to the dog than what had happened to any of the characters, or was going to happen to them. I guess if you're going to take your kids out to see a show over the Christmas season, it would be far better for them to see this than Mary Poppins, though clearly I damn with my faint praise. Me, I just kept wishing "Snowy" would shut up and be more like Puss was on Friday night - sexy as all get out and QUIET (other than his meows). Happily, the real dog did appear in the final scene, but I'll for certain how he spent the intervening two hours - a mystery far more compelling than how Chang was actually taken care of in the Yeti's cave.

This show did make me think that I've finally detected a theme in London plays this years. Yes, indeed, folks, ignore the Chinese calendar - 2007 is the year of the Monkey! (It's not the year of the severed head as I was thinking it might be - the year is almost over and I've only seen two, though I did also get two hangings in a month.) There was the great "Monkey on a Pedestal" scene in Drowsy Chaperone, the King Kong critter in Dick Whittington, and then the "Abominable Snowman" of Tin Tin! It was CLEARLY a reimagined monkey suit, but since the show was nearly over, I was willing to forgive it any and all - and it did look a bit like a cartoon of a Yeti.

Right, so on to Golden Compass. I figure many of you will be seeing it soon and most of you have already read the books. So ... be warned that the movie Collapse )

The acting was fine, it was much better than the stage play, and the whole scene in the land of the Armored Bears was AWESOME. It wasn't ... I don't know, it didn't change my world, but it wasn't horrible, and I'd consider it a fairly well spent evening and of big enough scope to be worth watching on the big screen. And it was a nice homecoming to see that movie with shadowdaddy. Speaking of which ... it's late, and we're calling it a night.