December 10th, 2007

Jasper Morello

Racism and the false economies of buying locally

First: the New York Times has published the article you've been looking for to refute the racists who insist on differences in IQ due to race, rather than environmental factors while growing up, to wit: "[T]he psychologist Elsie Moore ... looked at black and mixed-race children adopted by middle-class families, either black or white, and found no difference in I.Q. between the black and mixed-race children. Most telling is Dr. Moore’s finding that children adopted by white families had I.Q.’s 13 points higher than those of children adopted by black families. The environments that even middle-class black children grow up in are not as favorable for the development of I.Q. as those of middle-class whites."

The challenge, as I see it, is to figure out how to even up those environments. And for some good basic data to challenge any academic hiding his racism under his robes, there's always Stephen Gould's The Mismeasure of Man.

Second: fresh and local does not mean greener. Do you 1) drive to the grocery store 2) eat meat (sorry, I know I do) and 3) throw away a lot of food? Then you're contributing to the problem. And food transported in bulk (by shipping container) may be greener than anything that gets to you in a small truck.
Movie reel

A bit more on The Golden Compass

Ah! It was Sir Ian the noble polar bear encouraging Lyra to walk across the ice bridge yesterday!

And check out this quote from The Guardian: "Nicole Kidman's glamorous and arresting turn is what gives the zip and the swish to the story as it powers along: you can hear the faint crackle of her stockings as she sashays threateningly on to the screen, an arresting mixture of Darth Vader and Veronica Lake." (Ooh!)

Anyway, off to meet booklectic and shadowdaddy at Thai Silk before seeing A Christmas Carol at the Young Vic ...

The "South African" Christmas Carol at the Young Vic

I saw the "South African" Christmas Carol at the Young Vic tonight with folks, and while I don't have time to write about it right now, I must say this:

It completely fucking rocked my socks off.

It was the Best Christmas Carol I've ever seen.

I'll write more tomorrow - I'm expecting it will be a quiet day at work.